Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Monster Actors Guild Prizes

Continuing our posts about the Monster Actors Guild, today we’re talking about its prizes, consisting of Trick-and-Treat jobs, some currency and an upgadable Medieval Gate. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the prizes!
Store notice: Fairy Kodos and the Kodos and Fairy Outfit, containing Kodos and Fairy Kodos, are now available, also the last 24 hours for Halloween Party Walls x 10 Bundle are here!


name cost
Milhouse’s Trick-or-Treat Job sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints1
Martin’s Trick-or-Treat Job  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints355
350 Event Currency  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints640
Nelson’s Trick-or-Treat Job  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints925
Medieval Gate  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints1,210
350 Event Currency  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints1,495
Ralph’s Trick-or-Treat Job  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints1,780
350 Event Currency  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints2,065
350 Event Currency  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints2,350
Medieval Gate Upgrade  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints2,705
Rod’s Trick-or-Treat Job sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints33,060
sidebar_thoh2016_funeralcoins100 sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints3,420
Todd’s Trick-or-Treat Job sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints3,775
sidebar_thoh2016_funeralcoins100 sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints4,130
Medieval Gate Upgrade sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints4,485
sidebar_thoh2016_funeralcoins200 sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints4,840
Dolph’s Trick-or-Treat Job sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints5,270
sidebar_thoh2016_funeralcoins200 sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints5,695
350 Event Currency sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints6,050
Medieval Gate Upgrade sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints6,410

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Monster Actors Guild Prizes

  1. Thanks Leo. I’ve been wondering who the other characters to unlock were going to be. This might be the first time that Rod & Todd have been allowed to take part in Halloween, that I can remember anyway.
    BTW I think your finger must have twitched when you typed Rod’s price, you’ve got it as 33,060 atm.


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