Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Monster Actors Guild Prizes

Continuing our posts about the Monster Actors Guild, today we’re talking about its prizes, consisting of Trick-and-Treat jobs, some currency and an upgadable Medieval Gate. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the prizes!
Store notice: Fairy Kodos and the Kodos and Fairy Outfit, containing Kodos and Fairy Kodos, are now available, also the last 24 hours for Halloween Party Walls x 10 Bundle are here!


name cost
Milhouse’s Trick-or-Treat Job sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints1
Martin’s Trick-or-Treat Job  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints355
350 Event Currency  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints640
Nelson’s Trick-or-Treat Job  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints925
Medieval Gate  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints1,210
350 Event Currency  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints1,495
Ralph’s Trick-or-Treat Job  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints1,780
350 Event Currency  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints2,065
350 Event Currency  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints2,350
Medieval Gate Upgrade  sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints2,705
Rod’s Trick-or-Treat Job sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints33,060
sidebar_thoh2016_funeralcoins100 sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints3,420
Todd’s Trick-or-Treat Job sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints3,775
sidebar_thoh2016_funeralcoins100 sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints4,130
Medieval Gate Upgrade sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints4,485
sidebar_thoh2016_funeralcoins200 sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints4,840
Dolph’s Trick-or-Treat Job sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints5,270
sidebar_thoh2016_funeralcoins200 sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints5,695
350 Event Currency sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints6,050
Medieval Gate Upgrade sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints6,410

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Monster Actors Guild Prizes

  1. Does Kodos help with this event or not just asking before I purchase


  2. Is Squeaky-voiced teen the only premium character to trick or treat? what about kearney?


    1. kearney shauna sherri and terri jimbo


      1. But you first have to EArn the task of Trick-or-TrEAt.


      2. TheRealTiminator 10/12/2016 — 09:07

        Are you sure about Kearney? Or do you need to have a Halloween skin for him?
        My Kearney doesn’t have a trick or treat job either in his own task list nor does he appear on the list when you tap the pumpkin head icon.


        1. him and jimbo requires act 3 to activate their jobs


  3. TheRealTiminator 10/10/2016 — 10:39

    Thanks Leo. I’ve been wondering who the other characters to unlock were going to be. This might be the first time that Rod & Todd have been allowed to take part in Halloween, that I can remember anyway.
    BTW I think your finger must have twitched when you typed Rod’s price, you’ve got it as 33,060 atm.


  4. I think you have made an error with Rod’s Trick-or-treat job. Is says 33,060. This should be 3,060.
    Otherwise it’s a great posting!


  5. Is Rod’s unlock cost really 33,000? O_o seems like quite a lot


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