Treehouse of Horror XXVII: New Gil Offer available!

A new Gil Offer has just been added to the game: Scary Dock with Blinky Monster! Show Gil some love and buy his offer. The three-eyed fish wants some scary love!


9 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: New Gil Offer available!

  1. At 170 donuts this expensive. Do you get mag points? If not i will pass.


    1. blinky monster can be used in fights, not sure about MAG points


  2. What does the House On Scary Hill do for you? Does it have % or earn money or help out event.


    1. no % on buildings

      earn 24h premium job

      new 4h premium job for Bart “Spend the Night on a Dare”


  3. The spoilers said this came with Gravedigger Billy. I know things change but…boo ;( Are we still going to be able to get him somehow?


    1. uh? that’s the Cemetery Plot in act 3


  4. Got him(her?) immediately. Not sure if it is a good buy, but needed a swamp monster in my town!


  5. Standard question: is it a full character or an NPC?


    1. all characters in the event are full characters/skins


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