Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Returning, New and leaving items in the store!

A new item has joined the store: the House on Scary Hill; a new bundle has joined too: THOH Flashback Bundle #3 with the following items (also available separate if you’ve one of them already): Bad Dream House, The Raven, Springfield Cemetery; while the last 24 hours for Spooky Wall are here!


22 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Returning, New and leaving items in the store!

  1. Thank you for your help,as I have found to be the case your very helpful and prompt it speaks well to your charcter,thank you . . .


  2. Has anyone else been having problems with their Kindle? In the last week I have had to uninstall it because it won’t open up.


    1. unfortunatly yes there’ve been reports of login/opening problems


  3. What does the zombie sandwich do? It looks like a dumpster with a brain laying atop garbage, can you qlue us in?
    Thanks for all the info


    1. Zombie Sandwich is kinda special. It has a new 1h premium job for many characters, Sample the Zombie Sandwich: Bart, Mr. Burns, Cletus, Comic Book Guy, Professor Frink, Grampa, Hank Scorpio, Homer, Kearney, Mrs. Krabappel, Krusty, Lisa, Rev. Lovejoy, Luigi, Marge, Martin, Moe, Ned, Nelson, Skinner, Willy, Bumblebee Man, Dr. Hibbert, Apu, Hans Moleman, Milhouse, Otto, Quimby, Snake, Squeaky Voice Teen, Wiggum, Kent Brockman, Duffman, Dr. Nick.
      It transforms them into Zombie, just like 2012’s event!!!


      1. OrdinarilyBob 10/27/2016 — 06:44

        That could be cool… But are the 1hr zombie jobs limited in how many can use it at one time (like the Nightmare Pile or Bounce House), or can multiple/all the townsfolk listed above do the task concurrently (like Duff Gardens)?


          1. To make sure I understand. I can play all the characters to be zombies at the same time? Thank you so much for your help. 🙂


          2. I looked through the older posts but couldn’t find the release date for the zombie sandwich, when is it released?


            1. Its in the dates post anyway tomorrow


  4. When are they going to make Booberella available?


      1. Aafreen Inayat 10/28/2016 — 06:18

        BUT but according to the info Gio posted on the Wiki, Booberella is coming on 01 November & leaving on 15 November : OO

        Please confirm ……. I would be so disappointed if she came on 15 Nov. I had marked 01 Nov as the date I will finally have her, now an additional 14 days possibly makes me :(((((((((((((((


        1. my bad. you are rigth. nov 1st to nov 15th


  5. Who has tasks for the house on Scary Hill ?


    1. bart’s 4h task Spend the Night on a Dare


    2. Tapatapatapa 10/27/2016 — 00:17

      I wonder if sarcastic man can ‘check the plumbing’? Is there animation?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I have just bought the flashback bundle 3 and crazy cat lady. Do they not have bonus multipliers?


    1. you can check all conform-o-meter on items here


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