Treehouse of Horror XXVII: New, returning and leaving items in the store!

To complete the trio, now Burns Coffin with Count Burns is offered again in the store with the new Zombie Sandwich, while the last 24 hours for Helter Skeleter are here! For more info on how Zombie Sandwich works, join us right after the jump!

The Zombie Sandwich is kinda particular: it has a new 1h premium job for many characters, Sample the Zombie Sandwich: Bart, Mr. Burns, Cletus, Comic Book Guy, Professor Frink, Grampa, Hank Scorpio, Homer, Kearney, Mrs. Krabappel, Krusty, Lisa, Rev. Lovejoy, Luigi, Marge, Martin, Moe, Ned, Nelson, Skinner, Willy, Bumblebee Man, Dr. Hibbert, Apu, Hans Moleman, Milhouse, Otto, Quimby, Snake, Squeaky Voice Teen, Wiggum, Kent Brockman, Duffman, Dr. Nick, turning them into their zombies “skin” from Treehouse of Horror XXIII event (all characters can be transformed at the same time)!


10 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: New, returning and leaving items in the store!

  1. Is the zombie sandwich worth getting?


    1. If you want a premium 1h job for 32 characters that go around as zombie in your town yes


  2. Me to! Got to have it after reading the great post explaining how many characters will have a premium task!
    LOVE YA’LLS in depth post!
    THanks for the great work.


  3. Last night i was debating on getting Blinky. Kinda glad i didn’t now that i see Count Burns and the zombie sandwich! Got a couple questions. Does Count Burns have a job that turns him into a bat that flys around town? And with the zombie sandwich, some of these characters i don’t have yet, i’m assuming if i get some of these later on, they will turn to zombies, too?


    1. yes, count burns can turn into a bat, 12h task – but i use him now to get currency at the MAG building with Suzanne the witch, Boobarella and the Space Mutan
      yes, if you get the other characters they too will be able to do their zombie task


  4. I bought it immediately after reading this post. I have all the “usual suspects” running 🏃 around in my Springfield. Very creepy 👹🎃😈👻☠️


  5. Aafreen Inayat 10/28/2016 — 10:04

    Do we have to go find & select each character individually to send them on this job??

    Or do we just tap on the Zombie Sandwich, and it will show the list of all available characters, and we can quickly select all characters to turn them into zombies??


    1. just tap the sandwitch


    2. Tap on the sandwich and you get a list where you can choose the characters you want to send on that job.
      If theirs jobs are finished, you have to tap each individually, unless you have a wide tapping circle (this depends on how far you have developed the IRS building).


  6. Might be cool if after they were done with their task there was an option to send them after you’re towns ppl.

    How many they took down & turn to zombies would determine how much game dollars you got as a reward. Meaning the more survivors you have out will bank you more cash. Also to see all characters turn zombie would be cool as well.

    Zombie tag as the quest title maybe.

    Would have like a 2-3 day cooldown period or something reasonable.

    You know that would be sweet idea.

    I’m a gamer for gamers. It’s what I do. Heh. Good tapping.

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