Server unreachable (Solved)

The Origin server is apparently unreachable at the moment and users can’t login. Hopefully it’ll be back soon and EA is just fixing the recent login issues. Stay tuned and don’t panic!
Update: Seems like the outage has been finally solved. Hopefully we’re back for good now.


12 thoughts on “Server unreachable (Solved)

  1. I’m still not able to login on my B game. Haven’t been able to since a few days into Act 1. Unable to reset the password despite all the updates and supposed fixes. Have contacted EA.


  2. I missed out on items because I couldn’t log in. Seems a little unfair


  3. I was able to get in to my game by turning wifi off and using my data hope this help good luck lilacliz X


  4. Ive lost all my neighbours now? I can login and play but no neighbour’s has this happen to anyone else please and is there a fix? Or do I need to get all new ones? Thank you lilacliz


    1. the server is still undergoing mantainance that’s why.


      1. Thank you x


    2. I had a blip where I lost all my neighbours on my main game. Left it a few minutes. Restarted the game and they all reappeared.


  5. Blizzboy_00 10/30/2016 — 11:16

    Is anyone able to get online? Mine keeps attempting to reconnect to the servers without success. šŸ˜¦


  6. It made me change my password for nothing. I haven’t been able to login for one and a half days.


  7. I also get auto logged out and a message saying I’ve been logged out. Oo.


  8. Don’t panic ??!! You’re kidding right ??!! šŸ˜±šŸ˜°šŸ˜„šŸ˜³


    1. Nope. But it’s good now. Also, any ideas on how to pass a verification. Facebook locked me out.


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