Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Act 3 Prizes Walkthrough Part 2

The final two items from our prize track are here: Frinkenstein and his Castle. What’s going to happen with this mad doctor? Find out right after the jump in their walkthrough!

Mad Doctor’s Castle

Auto starts

Task: Collect Clapboards to Unlock the Mad Doctor’s Castle [x50850]

Frinkenstein: Finally, I’ve found a place to hang my hat.
Frinkenstein: Although, I don’t wear a hat. They don’t fit my odd-shaped head. Which only makes my need for a hat that much greater.
Frinkenstein: Another of life’s great mysteries, like why won’t the lady barista make eye contact with me?

Large Obols Pack

Auto starts

Task: Collect Clapboards to Unlock a Large Obols Pack [x58000]


Auto starts

Task: Collect Clapboards to Unlock Frinkenstein [x73150]

A World Aparts Pt. 1

Frinkenstein starts

Frinkenstein: I’m a man, but also a monster. The dichotomy fills me with conflict and hours of introspection.
Frinkenstein: I’m always plagued by opposing goals just like Diet Coke.

Task: Make Frinkenstein Be Paralyzed with Indecision
Time: 4h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

A World Aparts Pt. 2

Frinkenstein starts

Frinkenstein: I could try to go back to teaching at the university-
Frinkenstein: But I’m made up of so many different parts from so many people. Who knows what crazy thoughts I might blurt out?
Frinkenstein: Or even what size lab coat I take.
Frinkenstein: Probably better to find employment in a place that welcomes the surgically constructed.
Homer: Are we getting a Hooters?
Frinkenstein: I was thinking a dark, dingy bar. A place no one looks at you unless you are sports on TV. Which I am not.

Task: Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Frinkenstein Apply for Work at Moe’s
Time: 12h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

A World Aparts Pt. 3

Moe starts

Moe: How ya makin’ out there, Freaky-o?
Frinkenstein: Many of my parts quite like the atmosphere in this place. And others have contracted tetanus. But still, a net positive.
Frinkenstein: There is a problem however. I have enough male and female parts to make choosing a restroom confusing.
Frinkenstein: As well as other things, like showering, choosing p[i][/i]ornographic material, and deciding if I am rooting for Mike or Molly.

Task: Make Frinkenstein Ponder Which Bathroom to Use
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

A World Aparts Pt. 4

Moe starts

Moe: Hey, Freak-o, the drunks in the corner need refills before they sober up enough to taste the stuff.
Frinkenstein: Give me a minute. It’s hard to handle all these drinks when your arms are fully outstretched.
Frinkenstein: I think I need to look for greener pastures. Only not actual green pastures — the outdoors doesn’t cooperate with my allergies.

Task: Make Frinkenstein Quit in a Gentle Huff
Time: 24h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

A World Aparts Pt. 5

Frinkenstein starts

Frinkenstein: Even at Moe’s, I’m an outcast. I’ll never fit in anywhere.
Mr. Burns: Perhaps I can offer you a home.
Frinkenstein: Wow, that’d be great! Although with your history of evil, I feel like I should ask for more details.
Mr. Burns: You’re part man, part woman, black, white, other. I think I even see a little plywood in you.
Mr. Burns: With you on my payroll, I’ll never have to deal with another discrimination lawsuit again!

Task: Make Frinkenstein Become a Token Everything
Time: 4h
Location: Control Building

MAG Bonus

Auto starts

Task: Collect Megaphones [x4700]
Quest Reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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