“Havana Wild Weekend” Episode Tie-In Informations: Dates, Prices, Conform-O-Meter and Where Did They Come From?

The Episode Tie-In for this Sunday’s episode, Havana Wild Weekend, has just come out and added one new building and one new decoration. Let’s find out the details on this new update!


This tie-in was released on November 9th at 5.40pm GMT.

You’ll be able to start the quest and buy the premium items till November 15th at 8am GMT, coinciding with the ending date of the Treehouse of Horror XXVII event.

The quests are completable till December 15th at 8am GMT.

Freemium Items


The 1958 Car is a new decoration, available once you complete Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 3.

The decoration is animated and has a sound. It’s size is 3×6.

Its Conform-O-Meter rating is 100 points in Vanity.

Once you complete Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 4, the car will recieve a new skin:


The Pristine 1958 Car will be a cleaned up version of the car, and once Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 5 is started, you can select which skin of the car you want to see. The skin doesn’t change it’s C-O-M value.


Premium Items


The Havana Private Home is a new building, costing sidebar_donut60.

The building is animated by sending either Bumbleebee Man (premium job) or Cletus to Have a Siesta (12h). Its size is 12×6.

Its Conform-O-Meter rating is 20 points in Indolence.

The Windmill was also added to the THOHXXVII store section for sidebar_donut30. Its size is 5×3.

Where Did They Come From?

All 3 new items come from the next episode of the show, airing Sunday November 13 at 8/7c on Fox, Havana Wild Weekend.

The Windmill is exclusive to The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping.


7 thoughts on ““Havana Wild Weekend” Episode Tie-In Informations: Dates, Prices, Conform-O-Meter and Where Did They Come From?

  1. That helpfull! I just transferred all my windmills from Krustyland to Springfield. We do need a large truck for Springfield. The Rat Trap Delivery Truck is too dangerous to use!


      1. I tried it, but those windmills won’t fit. We rEAlly need some serious hEAvy trucks.


    1. Mhm they still give you the bonus even if they are in krustyland btw


      1. My bonus percentage went up after the move of those windmills.


        1. Oh must be for kl only jobs if there. Has been so long since i used KL for anything lol


          1. I just placed two balloons and a Krusty fountain in my KL. I have a very very luxury problem.
            What to do with my donuts, which I got by donuting 🍩 in my gazillion of game cash 💰


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