What Changed With the Treehouse of Horror XXVII Takedown Update? (November 15th)

The Treehouse of Horror XXVII event Takedown update is coming soon. Strangely, the monsters pack was not released (could be released in the next update with Thanksgiving?). As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.
Store Update: The update now available on both iOs, Android and Kindle.

Ambience music, App icon, Splash Screen and Friend Visit icon were changed back to normal.

Slime was removed from the HUD icons.


Leaf and Dark Cloud effects were removed.

The decorations limit was increased from 9000 to 9100.

Marge Tetherball Statue now gives 100 points in Vanity.


Grampa’s job Ogle the Chassis now requires 1958 Car instead of having started Cuban Midlife Crisis Pt. 5.


Bumblebee Man and Cletus’ Have a Siesta job now requires Havana Private Home instead of having started Cultural Appropriation. Cletus’ job is now also premium.


A new notification was added for when Sideshow You is ready.


Beach Hideaway now requires Level 27 to be shown in the store.


Fixed a possible bug in starting Lizard Queen Lisa promo.


Clay Tennis Court and Elite Yacht Club now requires Level 30 to be shown in the store.

Clay Tennis Court

Cobblestone Road is now permanently buyable.


Construction Yard now has a 8h task: Cleaning Up After Monsters.


MAG Office now has a 8h task: Hosting Community Classes.


Medieval Rich House now has a 12h task: Spending Old Money.


Chippy’s description was changed from “Let him wander and collect a free game token from him every day!” to “Let him wander and collect cash from him every day!”.


The descriptions of Red and Gold Banner, Hay Cart, Stock, Windmill, Mayan Calendar, Snake Rocks, Ghost Pirate Airship, Ice Cream Truck, Forgotten Grave, Easter Fence, Easter Gate, Easter Tree, Itchy & Scratchy Billboard, Pastel Picket Fence, Waverly Hills Elementary, Ajax Steel Mill, Pride Billboard, Rainbow Flag, Rainbow Tree, Blue Mage Nerd, Cherub Bird Bath, Cherub Topiary, Elf Home, Fountain of Love, Ghost Zapper, Love Bench, Lovely Fence, Lovely Flower Cart, Lovely Gazebo, Lovely Lampost, Love Planter, Red Mage Nerd, Rose Arch, Rose Bush, Valentine’s Balloons, Valentine’s Tree, Astro-House, Cryo Stasis Memorial, Future Simpson’s House, Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart, Skyberdine Systems, Gate to Nowhere, Spooky Cabin, Tenta-Corp HQ, The Homer, Sir Love-A-Lot, General Store, Elf Cannon and Destroyed Holiday Wheel were removed.

Medieval Banner 1

Big Digi-Ben’s description was changed from “Destroy robots each hour. Plus, after the event, Big Digi-Ben will display the time of day!” to “Displays the time of day!”.


Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “What Changed With the Treehouse of Horror XXVII Takedown Update? (November 15th)

  1. Gina’s 4-hour task with bart still defaults to the top and The Rocket Launch Pad still requires two taps to launch instead of 1 (they fixed the Make a Boardwalk tap to only 1 tap)…


  2. No wolf-rat-cow in the store. I’m seriously bummed.


      1. That would rock. I was really hoping that they’d sell the Formless Terror too, because I waited too long to get it last year. Alas.


        1. But it didn’t. Bummer


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