The Most Dangerous Game: All the Event Items and Prices

Some new items have been added to our game while many others have come back in this new event: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, prizes, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the items for the The Most Dangerous Game!
Update: Added all rebates on the items.


The following list contains all the new items from this event!

The Early Christmas Present ones will be listed in a separate post!

All characters and skins are playable except Bigclaw and Pet Mutant Plant.

image name cost
unlock_grantconnor grant-connor-unlock
Grant Connor
Springfield Hunting Supplies
unlock_bigclaw bigclaw-unlock
Man’s Beast Friend
unlock_chum c-h-u-m-unlock
Yard Work Simulator
Returning Characters
unlock_buckmccoy Buck McCoy Unlock
Buck McCoy
Wild West Film Set
unlock_petmutantplant Tapped Out Pet Mutant Plant Unlock
Pet Mutant Plant
(after starting The Most
Dangerous Game Pt. 5)
Rebate: sidebar_donut45
unlock_jacquelinebouvier tapped_out_mrs-_bouvier_unlock
Mrs. Bouvier
Piggly’s Super Smorg
unlock_tribechief tapped_out_unlock_tribal_chief
Tribal Chief
Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino
Returning Character Skins
unlock_homer_kingsize King-Size Homer Unlock
King-Size Homer
King Size Homer Bundle
unlock_ned_puritanflanders tapped_out_puritan_flanders_unlock
Puritan Flanders
Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle
unlock_lisa_sacagawea tapped_out_unlock_sacagawea_lisa
Sacagawea Lisa
Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle
huntingsupplies_menu Springfield Hunting Supplies
(after starting The Most
Dangerous Game Pt. 1)
Returning Buildings
Piggly's Super Smorg Piggly’s Super Smorg sidebar_donut140
Rebate: sidebar_donut45
Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino sidebar_donut150
Rebate: sidebar_donut50
wildwestfilmset_menu Wild West Film Set
(after completing The Most
Dangerous Game Pt. 2)
Rebate: sidebar_donut50
campingtent_menu Camping Tent The Most Dangerous
Game Pt. 1
crappyrv_menu Crappy RV The Most Dangerous
Game Pt. 2
wildlifesanctuary_transimage Wildlife Sanctuary The Most Dangerous
Game Pt. 3
tree08 Willow Tree Forester Bundle
tree09 Maple Tree Forester Bundle
improvisedsnare_menu Improvised Snare sidebar_donut60
yardworksimulator_menu Yard Work Simulator sidebar_donut175
Permanent (prize)
bbqpig_menu BBQ Pig The Most Dangerous
Game Pt.4
Returning Decorations
Work From Home Station Work from Home Station sidebar_donut60
Cornucopia Cornucopia  Happy Thanksgiving!
Pow-Wow's Casino Sign Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign  sidebar_donut40
Rebate: sidebar_donut15
Rusty the Clown Parade Balloon Rusty the Clown Parade Balloon  cash5.400
Blinky Balloon Blinky Balloon  cash16.500
Santa's Little Helper Balloon Santa’s Little Helper Balloon  cash30.000
Bart Balloon Bart Balloon  Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle
Snowball 2 Balloon Snowball 2 Balloon  Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle
Stampy Parade Balloon Stampy Parade Balloon  Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle
The Grumple Parade Balloon The Grumple Parade Balloon  Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle
hotsprings_menu Hot Springs  sidebar_donut45
Rebate: sidebar_donut15
springfieldfalls_transimage Springfield Falls  sidebar_donut90
Rebate: sidebar_donut30
Ancient Pond Ancient Ornamental Pond  cash2.500
ico_stor_single_balloonbundle Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle
(Bart Balloon,
Snowball 2 Balloon,
Stampy Balloon and
The Grumple Balloon )
ico_stor_single_wfhandkshbundle King Size Homer Bundle
(King-Size Homer and
Work From Home Station)
ico_tmdg_foresterbundle Forester Bundle
(23 Trees, Willow Tree
and Maple Tree)
 Fowl Play Pt. 3
ico_thanksgiving2015_prize_lisaandned Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle
(Sacagawea Lisa and
Puritan Flanders)
Rebate: sidebar_donut15

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Game: All the Event Items and Prices

  1. So, the Pet Mutant Plant is basically free after the rebate?


  2. Daniel Fawcett 11/19/2016 — 08:28

    Do you know if CHUM is a full character or an NPC?


    1. full. it says there. Only Bigclaw and Pet Mutant Plant are NPCs


  3. Aafreen Inayat 11/19/2016 — 08:16

    You are stating here that Piggly’s Super Smorg will be offered at a rebate ……. However, on the Wiki, there is NO rebate mentioned for Piggly’s Super Smorg

    Which to believe?? confused


    1. unfortunatly on the wiki it didn’t save the rebates due to last night’s outage. i’m readding them. thanks for the notice though!


  4. You left out C.H.U.M.


      1. I figured since you put the Yard Work Simulator you forgot to add him. I’m guessing you left out the Xmas surprise one since it’s a small spoiler. I won’t say the name (GB) but you’ve posted it at the simpsonwiki, but that seem to be down at the moment.


        1. nah it’s in the post for the items for the Early Christmas Present part of the event 😉


        2. and yes, i reported it to Jake, WS’s admin thanks


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