Episode Fact File: Dad Behavior

The Simpsons come  back from Cuba right in time, before a week pause, for this Sunday, November 20th, 2016, when Fox aired “Dad Behavior”, the 8th episode of Season 28 and the 604th episode to date. This Episode Fact File will recap the episode with pictures, video clips and more. Get the scoop right after the jump!

Dad Behavior

Episode Description:

Homer pays Choremonkey Matt Leinart to play catch with Bart, the two of whom form a strong bond, much to Homer’s chagrin

Homer finds a new app that makes his life much easier and outsources his father-son bonding. Meanwhile, Grampa finds that he is about to be a father again.

Episode Details: ‘Dad Behavior’ is the 8th episode of Season 28 as well as the 604th episode of The Simpsons. The episode aired on FOX on November 20th, 2016 and was written by Ryan Koh and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

TITLE SCREEN!: Four men are pending from a Homer Thanksgiving balloon flying across the screen

BILLBOARD TEXT!: Costington’s Open Thanksgiving Celebrate your holiday by ruining others’

BLACKBOARD TEXT!: I will watch all 600 episodes without sleeping


After getting out of school, Bart goes on his usual skateboard drive, but upon stomping Barney, he wakes up and smashes the skateboard, and Bart goes on the street on foot.

At the Power Plant, Homer, instead of getting the carbon rod on his back, while Lenny, that was placing the 3 on the “days without an accident” sign, fells down the ladder on top of Carl, he gets in his mouth and chokes to death.

At Springfield Elementary School, Lisa, getting out playing the sax, falls and is hit in the head by it, dying in the process.

In the car, Maggie is driving, while Marge is sleeping in the back seat, she wakes up and Maggie drives off the road, drives through a hay storage building, picks up a chicken in the car, which, agitated, gets calmed by Maggie putting her pacifier in the mouth, and drives in the lake, drowning. Marge and the chicken surfaces, dead.


Bart gets home and finds no one after calling “Hello? Hello!”, he grabs Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie‘s portraits and places them on the couch, he sits down and exclaims “Uh, finally I get the remote” and switches the TV on. The TV though slides down a media center box, suspended on top of other media equipment.


Homer is watching TV when Marge arrives complaining about him not having assembled the media center, with the tv almost sliding off on top of Maggie. Marge convinces him but after building it, Homer gets stuck in it and swallows an allan wrench. After calling Barney for help, he starts using the app he suggested, ChoreMonkey, an app that calls for the help from people to do the chores.

Homer becomes addicted to the app, and asks for people to do all his work around the house. Marge is angry at him but then after trying it with the help of Blake, a former hostage negotiator, she’s convinced of its benefits. Homer hires Matt Leinart to play football with Bart, but Matt starts replacing him on his job as a father instead of helping him.

Homer tries to get the help of his father at the Retirement Castle, but he’s surprised he’s got his girlfriend pregnant, thanks to their new access to internet and the dating apps. He was trying to leave town but his girlfriend come in and convinced him not to.

Homer starts spending his time with Milhouse, while Bart finds out he’s treating him nice only because it’s his job, so he tries to get back with Homer, but he only wants to go out with Milhouse, so he goes to Kirk to do the same. Marge goes for a walk in the park with Grampa, and he confesses that Simpsons’ men are not good fathers, and they see Homer and Milhouse fishing at the pier. Back at home, Marge asks Homer what’s happening and why he was fishing with Milhouse, and he says it’s because Bart doesn’t respect him as a father.

Grampa goes to his girlfriend’s house to live with her, but finds out that the ultrasound reveals that the baby was Jasper‘s, which makes him happy. At Itchy & Scratchy Land, Homer and Milhouse meet Kirk and Bart, Bart doesn’t call Homer “dad” again, and a car chase between the two couples starts. When Kirk gives up and slams the brakes, Bart is launched at a sign. Homer stops to help him, and Bart finally calls him dad. Kirk and Milhouse reconcile too and they get back home on the cars.

The episode ends with Blake trying, and failing, to convince Maggie to take her pacifier off, while Homer, Grampa and Bart sit on the couch happily watching baseball together.


Dad Behavior script




  • This is the first episode that is now produced by Fox Television Animation after Film Roman ended their production. But remained uncredit.
  • The couch gag part where the television slides down some media equipment continues in the episode itself.


  • The kitchen table is out of sight when Homer walks across the kitchen singing, but it reappears on the next scene.
  • When Grampa tells Homer that his girlfriend is pregnant, the number on his door disappears.




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That is all from this week’s Episode Fact File and I would like to thank WikiSimpsons for the information for this post and Nathan for the base design of it.

WikiSimpsons: Season 28 Page, Dad Behavior

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Till next time, Happy Tapping everyone!

fox_broadcasting_companyThis pictures and videos are from the “Dad Behavior” episode of FOX show The Simpsons. Their use is believed to qualify as fair use under United States copyright law.


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