Happy Thanksgiving! and Returning items in the shop!

TSTOTopix would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving! EA also thought of that too, and gave us a free gift and some returning items in the shop. Join us right after the jump for all the infos!
Don’t forget that today at noon ET, starts the The Simpsons 600 Marathon on FXX too!

A quick dialogue starts once you login now in the game:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Auto starts

Fat Tony: Can I interest you in some Thanksgiving turkeys. In poultry industry jargon, they, uh, “fell off a truck”.
Lisa: Wait, the robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart was you? And not Bigclaw?
Fat Tony: Well, a guy in my crew messed his hand up in a roulette accident and now we call him Bigclaw. So the answer is both yes and no. That would confuse a jury, right?
Lisa: These turkeys still have Kwik-E-Mart price tags on them!
Louie: Looks like these turkeys are going swimming with cement shoes. But I’ll make it look like a scuba trip gone wrong.

Not only we get a free Cornucopia item, but some returning items for Thanksgiving are in the shop now. Though be quick: all items will leave tomorrow, November 25th at 8am GMT!

King Size Homer Bundle: King-Sized Homer and Work from Home Station

King-Sized Homer and Work from Home Station,

Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle: Bart Balloon, Snowball 2 Balloon, Stampy Balloon and The Grumple Balloon

Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino w/Tribal Chief

Piggly’s Super Smorg w/Mrs. Bouvier

Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle: Sacagawea Lisa and Puritan Flanders

Pow-Wow Casino Sign, Rusty the Clown Balloon, Blinky Balloon and Santa’s Little Helper Balloon

The 600th episode of The Simpsons aired October 16th, with the Treehouse of Horror XXVII special, and today starts the The Simpsons 600 Marathon on FXX to binge watch all the 600 episodes back to back!


The marathon starts at noon EST, to conclude December 7 at midnight EST!

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


20 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! and Returning items in the shop!

  1. I want a Turkey


  2. king size homer Quotes – LETS IT ALL HANGOUT AT BENCH – why lock,only me or other?


    1. What does it say? Also for that homer goes to the beach so its weird you can’t do it


      1. Yes, it is wEArd 😦


        1. What message does it say? Did his quest start?


    2. Me too. No quest for king-size homor


      1. they’ll probably fix it in one of the next patches. please contact them with the istructions on the link under our banner and tell them. they usually fix it with “takedown” update


  3. What about black Friday deals?


    1. As the name suggest: they will come on Black FRIDAY


      1. Black Friday came a day early!


          1. You’re right to say “Uh?” I misread the date.


      2. Yes,I obviously know that. I thought there might be a scoop.


        1. We have a list already of items in the dates post


  4. Another year and no Itchy or Scratchy balloons 😦 😦 I would have spent money on that!


    1. unfortunatly they’re only in krustyland now


  5. Will the marathon be aired by Fox Europe?


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