What Changed With the The Most Dangerous Game Patch 2 Update? (November 25th)

A new patch was just released, second in a row, while Black Friday is still going strong, fixing a problem that afflicted King-Size Homer: his questline wouldn’t start otherwise if the skin was bought this year, since it required last year’s Thanksgiving event questline to be completed.
King-Size Homer’s questline The Fat and the Futilest now requires owning King-Size Homer instead of having completed the 2015 questline Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble.


2 thoughts on “What Changed With the The Most Dangerous Game Patch 2 Update? (November 25th)

  1. And still no fix for the resetting skin glitch. Every time I play the chili mini game Homerlaya, Casino Tower, Halloween Gate and the car from the last tie-in switch to their standard skin.


    1. TheRealTiminator 11/26/2016 — 19:12

      Me too Chris, I hadn’t made the connection with the Insanity Pepper Game, just thought it was happening randomly.
      Now I know what’s causing it I’ll just stop playing the stupid game, I was only playing for the XP & the occasional bonus gift anyway, don’t get me started on another of my anti-Springfield Heights rants. Lol 🙂


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