An Early Christmas Present: All the Items and Prices

A new item has arrived while many items are returning for this winter preview: a building, building skins and decorations. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the items for An Early Christmas Present!


The following list contains all the items for this update!

image name cost
gnomeinyourhome_menu Gnome Box Free after starting An
Early Christmas Present.
Returning Building
Daycare Center Stonecutter’s Daycare Center cash250.000
Returning Building Skins
Burns Manor Decorated Christmas Burns Manor sidebar_donut15
Fat Tonys Decorated Christmas Compound sidebar_donut10
Wolfcastle Mansion Decorated Festive Wolfcastle Mansion sidebar_donut10
Sanjay House Decorated Christmas Sanjay’s House sidebar_donut10
Gold Mansion Decorated. Christmas Mansion of Solid Gold
Crazy Cat House Decorated Christmas Crazy Cat House sidebar_donut10
Apus Apartment Decorated Christmas Apu’s Apartment sidebar_donut10
Houseboat Decorated  Christmas Houseboat sidebar_donut10
Returning Decorations
Fever Cabin Fever Cabin sidebar_donut30
Rebate: sidebar_donut10
bearcave_menu Bear Cave sidebar_donut100
Rebate: sidebar_donut50
slide_menu Slide cash8.500
Festive Light Plunger Festive Light Plunger sidebar_donut30
LampPostBow Festive Bow Lamp Post cash385
LawnBell Festive Fancy Lawn Bell cash425
LampPostWreath Festive Wreath Lamp Post cash385
CandyCane Festive Candycane cash450
murderedsnowman_menu Murdered Snowman cash30.000
lollipopflowers_menu Lollipop Flowers cash6.500
marshmallowtree_menu Marshmallow Tree cash10.000
Ice Fence Ice Fence cash500
Hot Drink Stand Festive Hot Drink Stand cash1.200
PresentDepot Present Depot cash2.000

Note: The Gnome Box can also be found opened at random times without the gnome inside.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


1 thought on “An Early Christmas Present: All the Items and Prices

  1. cant wait for this years christmas event 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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