Speculation: What’s coming next?

We have prepared ourself, Winter is coming, snow started falling on Topix, a new banner has appeared (with the 2012 Christmas event splashscreen), EA has too with a touch of preview of the winter event. We haven’t got any indication yet of an event starting right now but we got some piece of information on the last store update description. Join us right after the jump for our thoughts.


Winter is right behind the corner, but we’ve no date yet.

In the store update description, something interesting is pointed out: A recount of the presidential election. Could EA be thinking of adding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the game?

Trump appeared recently 3 times in Youtube specials regarding the election: in Trumptastic Voyage,

in The Debateful Eight with Hillary

and last in 3 a.m..

In Bart to the Future, The Simpsons (16 years before it happened) predicted Trump being elected.

We saw President Lisa recently in the SciFi event,


is it possible a small mini-event is coming next right before the Winter big event?

Update: I have been informed this could take place after the winter event with the inauguration for Trump.

Previous years have been quite random on the days Christmas/Winter hit:

  • 2012: Wednesday 5th
  • 2013: Tuesday 10th
  • 2014: Wednesday 3rd
  • 2015: Tuesday 8th

The Winter preview has no set limited time end yet, and the preview new item is the Gnome Box. Will it have something to do with the event, or is it just an item from “The Nigthmare After Krustmas“?


We’re all waiting for a teaser released by EA, as usual in the latest events, on Facebook to know what’s next. Hopefully that’ll give us more hints.

Is it possible it’ll hit next week on Tuesday or Wednesday, unless EA has other plans to start it tomorrow. We’ll just have to wait and see. As soon as we have any indication of something starting you’ll see a post popup on the site and on your email.

Check back soon for all the infos on what’s next. In the meantime, happy tapping folks!


19 thoughts on “Speculation: What’s coming next?

  1. Is anyone else going insane, waiting for this event!?
    I noticed last night some graphical glitches that normally happen before a server update


  2. Do we think it’s coming tomorrow? Seems like Tuesday is the current popular days for updates….. we’ve got our fingers crossed!!!!!!!


  3. Looks to me like Christmas has started on either the first Wednesday or the second Tuesday (if the first Tuesday precedes the first Wednesday) in past years. That’s a pretty clear pattern so far. Looks like the a Tuesday start to me 😀


    • Whoops. I thought the first was Wednesday, not Thursday; so by my reckoning, Wednesday gets the nod. That’ll teach me to use a calendar next time (and I’ll be really embarrassed if I’m wrong, at this point).


  4. This is a bit of a random question, but I would like to know if the simpson game can bd played on an amazon fire tablet. Does anyone use that type of device? Thanks


  5. Why are the posts never timed right? The last post says 1300 hours and it won’t be 13 on the east coast here for another hour. At first I never asked bc I assumed it was temporary. Not being a jerk, just wondering why?


    • All times are GMT. That is the standard for international sites.
      I assume you mean AMERICAN East Coast time, for clearity, next time use EST (or EDT during Daylight saving) or specify your location.
      None of the active crew on Topix is in America anyway, we’re all located in Europe.


  6. I hope get a width extension for the ocean and judge Constance Harm (judge Judy) that’s all I want for Xmas


  7. thanks as usual, LP, I was looking for the dates to previous events this morning and was thinking anything later than 8/12 is a bit too late. I will be away on a work trip next week and I am excited if it hits when I am overseas. I always enjoy and remembers what I have brought when I am aboard. I now have purchased things in over 10 countries and not that where I am going be different, it is always nice to be able to buy something when I’m away


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