Winter 2016 Event is LIVE!

The Winter 2016 Event has just been released and is live on all devices! Login now and play the new event! It auto starts and requires Lisa and 5 Springfielders for the first quest! The event ends on January 30th (with a new year’s part afterwards)! Join us later for all the infos you’ll need!


19 thoughts on “Winter 2016 Event is LIVE!

  1. I’m a Christian and this update doesn’t bother me much because I know it’s just a silly game. The Simpsons’ have always been rude, crude, pagan..whatever. Always picking on Flanders and his faith.
    What else would i expect!! I just hope they leave Jesus alone. Why doesn’t EA target other religions? Because of the backlash! Christians are pretty use to the ignorance from non-believers. (I’m not here to argue so don’t bother) Most Christians will not play this event or they will chose not to be so legalistic about it.. I personally Chose to play and not take it personally..MARANATHA!


  2. Morons!! Why smack down one of the most important Christian holidays in this game? Pagan theme for Christmas? Really? For years the game creators have made Christmas just as important as Halloween. The creators of the Simpsons franchise have a history of diminishing Christmas for two decades! Just recent years have found episodes actually celebrating Christmas. It’s funny that one of the best classic episodes is Christmas themed. Will not play this game until the pagan event is over. Christmas is so much more than the secular events dirived from the early pagan rituals. Again, I says, morons! Just couldn’t leave it alone? I realize there are thousands of players from all over the planet that play this game but this game is about a US based family and their experiences. There is no way the creators of this game would poke fun at other religion’s holidays.


    • Not to be rude but most christian Christmas traditions are based on pagn traditions. I think its fun. As for morons seriously? The Simpsons take the mick out of everyone that’s the fun of it! There are things in this update I find in actuate but I love it. I dislike the fact Booberila can burn on stake. Maybe your right and this game is not for you ☺


    • John. Relax. Halloween is an affront to Christianity and many other religions but it’s an intrinsic part of The Simpsons. No different to this pagan theme.
      Plus there’s only so much Christmas themed stuff TSTO can provide us before it becomes boring.
      I remember all the uproar over the gay pride event. Perhaps if someone is religiously sensitive then they shouldn’t play at all.
      I for one am a spiritual, existentialist atheist…which is close to paganism minus the gods, so I’m enjoying it.


    • I wish it was as Christmas-themed as last year, where I could win a bunch of kids, an Orphanage and a daycare centre.


  3. It’s a long event. Perhaps EA recognise many people are busy these holidays so we tappers may need more time to get everything?
    I like the pagan stuff. It’ll match with my ruins and other stone buildings…and I like tabernacles…plus I’m pretty sick of stuffed bears, lamp posts, and gnomes.
    And the saw mill is a nice addition I wasn’t expecting this time of year.


  4. A Satanic goat for the first prize. Encircled pentagrams. What next? This is an abomination. What a total let down after looking forward to this year’s Christmas event.

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  5. january 30th? 23 days? i think its december 30th and then somethong else for the new year and stuff. If january 30th is actually correct im hoping for the mall stuff hinted in the app store description


  6. As a huge fan of this game lvl 429 player and life long pagan I find this offensive. Nah I’m kidding about the offensive loving it hee he

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