Winter 2016: Event Calendar

Prizes, prizes, prizes, every event we get many prizes, but are you afraid of being behind? Check right after the jump the complete event calendar for Winter 2016!
Note: This calendar is always visible on the right sidebar of our homepage!

As always we’ve given a bit of leeway to guarantee you won’t arrive at the last minute with a rush!


Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


20 thoughts on “Winter 2016: Event Calendar

  1. I can’t find the elf anywhere.My radar is showing up,but I still can’t find it & it only gives you about 30 seconds or so to find it.Anyone else having issues with this?Thanks


  2. For some odd reason when I tap pagans in my neighboring towns they don’t give me antlers or runestones, but only give me cash and xp instead. Has anyone encountered this in particular?


  3. Couple questions
    1) When released will the Wiccans be playable characters?
    2) If yes, how do the work? Do they pay out like patches and poor Violet (group triple pay), or the Vegas wives ( separate characters)?
    Thanks in advance


  4. Does anyone know if there will be a donut sale this Christmas? I understand that they did it in Christmas events in the past but not last year . Will it return this year ?


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