What Changed With the Winter 2016 Patch 1 Update? (December 8th)

The first patch of the event has just been released, correcting two wrongs: the items in the bundles are now available separately, and brought a new column of land! As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

Snow started falling in own town too.


A new column of land was added on the right side.

If not owned the following items (part of the Santa Skin Bundle, Fever Bundle, Santa’s Workshop Bundle, Christmas Stuff Bundle, Winter 2015 Super Bundle and Exotic Petting Zoo Bundle) are now available separately:

  • Santa’s Village w/Santa Homer (Rebate: 40 Donuts)
  • Santa Flanders (Rebate: 35 Donuts)
  • Burns Fever Snowman
  • Homer Fever Snowman
  • Toy Workshop w/Little Helper Ralph (Rebate: 35 Donuts)
  • Santa’s Workshop (Rebate: 35 Donuts)
  • Claus Co. (Rebate: 45 Donuts)
  • First Ever Christmas Tree (Rebate: 5 Donuts)
  • Christmas Float
  • Dancing Reindeer (Rebate: 20 Donuts)
  •  X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular (Rebate: 30 Donuts)
  • Gingerbread Mansion (fully upgraded) (Rebate: 70 Donuts)
  • Best Snowman Ever (fully upgraded) (Rebate: 40 Donuts)
  • Moe’s Exotic Petting Zoo (fully upgraded) (Rebate: 35 Donuts)
  • Pigs of Paradise Den (Rebate: 15 Donuts)
  • Wooly Mammoth Pen (Rebate: 15 Donuts)
  • Land Octopus Pen (Rebate: 15 Donuts)


Yule Love It! Pt. 4 and Yule Love It! Pt. 4 (Act 2) now requires Level 6 instead of Level 10.


Old Tree Spirit can’t be rushed anymore.


Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


15 thoughts on “What Changed With the Winter 2016 Patch 1 Update? (December 8th)

  1. Tapatapatapa 12/09/2016 — 23:51

    Is there a bug with the singing stones? I have a job to tap the singing stones (0/8 times) but nothing happens when I touch them, except for the lovely tunes.


    1. you must press them in order. 2,5,5,6,5,4,3,3


  2. TheRealTiminator 12/09/2016 — 10:18

    I don’t know if it changed in the patch or at the beginning of the event, but has anyone else noticed that the friend visit rewards seem to now reset at the start of each new day (same as the gnome visit) instead of 24 hours after the last visit?
    I visited about a third of my friends yesterday afternoon, tapping pagans until they stopped paying out antlers. This morning when prompted to do my gnome visit, I went to a friend who I didn’t visit yesterday & while tapping the gnome I also accidentally tapped a pagan for which I received 5 antlers & 2 runestones. I went back to the friend list & the countdowns are still at over 8 hrs before I can visit the same friends as yesterday, so I started the other end of the list & visited a load more of my friends and received antlers & runestones for about a third of them again.
    Thought I’d share it with you guys to see if anyone else has noticed the same thing, hope someone finds it helpful.


      1. TheRealTiminator 12/09/2016 — 13:58

        Thanks for confirming that, let’s hope they keep it that way permanently now, imo it makes things much simpler to have everything refresh on a calendar day basis (like the daily challenges) rather than a rolling 24hrs, where you’d usually lose at least 1 day every week by not being able to get on at exactly the same time every day.
        While they’re at it, isn’t it about time they released some new Friend Point prizes? We haven’t had anything new since the Mulberry Tree Island which was ages ago, or have they ditched the idea of FP prizes altogether now?


  3. My fiancee had the 90 day corn growing on Cletus’s farm but the farm is now needed for the Xmas games to grow catnip. But it won’t let her store it to reset the farm (nor does she have 700 donuts). Suggestions?


    1. oh that’s problematic! Try contacting EA using the link under our banner and ask them!


    2. razorleaf903 12/09/2016 — 11:27

      I have the same problem, but I haven’t been prompted yet to grow catnip. Let us know how it goes with EA, I don’t want to spend money on 850 donuts!


    3. You shouldn’t need to cancel the corn. You don’t “grow” catnip like a crop, it’s a task for certain eligible characters. I’ve got corn growing with 50+ days to go and no problem doing the catnip tasks.


  4. I’m not seeing the three animal pens. Are you sure they’re supposed to be made available today? I was offered and bought Santa’s Village, about the only other thing I didn’t already have. Also tried force-quitting, fwiw.


    1. the date is still the same, my message was only to inform that they’ll be available separate


      1. Thanks, looks like I misread it.


  5. Can’t get my elf to come out of box


    1. try going to Krustyland or friend town and back


      1. THANK YOU! Elf has been broken since yesterday and I couldn’t figure out how to unbreak him. But going to Krustyland fixed him.


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