Winter 2016: All the Event New Items and Prices

A ton of new items have been added to our game in this new event: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, prizes, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the new items!


The following list contains all the new items from this event!

All characters and skins are playable.

image name cost
unlock_theparson the-parson-unlock
The Parson
Act 1 Prize
unlock_thewiccangirls the-wiccans-unlock
The Wiccans
Character Skins
unlock_mrburns_newgod new-god-mr-burns-unlock
New God Mr. Burns
Act 1 Prize
unlock_willie_satyr satyr-willie-unlock
Satyr Willie
A Happy Meal or
Yule Love It! Pt. 3 (Act 2)
unlock_lisa_goth ravencrow-neversmiles-unlock
Ravencrow Neversmiles
Act 2 Prize
unlock_maggie_snowsuit star-snowsuit-maggie-unlock
Star Snowsuit Maggie
Sacrifice Your
Sheep to Odin
springfieldhenge_menu Springfield Henge  Springfield Henge Pt.1
paganlumberyard_menu  Lumber Mill  Logging In
antlerrentalhut_menu  $5 Antlar Rental Act 1 Prize
baalpit_menu  Ba’al Pit  Act 2 Prize
phonehenge_menu  Phone-Henge Kiosk Craftable
paganwintercarnivalsign Pagan Winter Carnival Sign Yule Love It! Pt. 2
 goatgodstatue  Goat God Statue Act 1 Prize
newgodmrburnsstatue_menu  New God Mr. Burns Statue Burns Almighty Pt. 2
 cultflyingsaucer_menu  Cult Flying Saucer  Act 1 Prize
 devilsnowman  Devil Snowman Act 2 Prize
 wickerman_menu  Wickerman  Act 2 Prize
 odinaltar_menu  Sacrifice Your
Sheep to Odin
 Act 2 Prize
 paganhut02_menu  Small Pagan Tent  Craftable
 paganhut01_menu  Large Pagan Tent  Craftable
 paganhut03_menu  Pagan Hall  Craftable
 dunkthemonk_menu  Dunk the Monk  Craftable
 brazier_menu  Brazier  Craftable
 goatheadstatue  Goat Head Statue  Craftable
 giantmushroom  Giant Mushrooms  Craftable
 mediummushroom  Large Mushrooms  Craftable
 carnivalflag01  Carnival Banner 1  Craftable
 carnivalflag02   Carnival Banner 2  Craftable
carnivalflag03   Carnival Banner 3  Craftable
pagancauldron_menu  Pagan Cauldron  Craftable
 firismurdertree_menu  Fir is Murder Christmas Tree  Craftable
dunkingmachine_menu  Dunking Device   sidebar_donut80
homersfrozencar Flanders’ Frozen Car sidebar_donut50
 icebergsmall_transimage  Small Iceberg  cash85.000
icebergmedium_transimage  Medium Iceberg  sidebar_donut15
iceberglarge_transimage  Large Iceberg sidebar_donut25
 oldtreespirit_menu 15391080_1184978288238271_5524785116744673772_n
Old Tree Spirit
 giantburninggoat_menu  Giant Burning Goat  sidebar_donut45
 paganbonfire_menu  Pagan Bonfire Pagan Simpson Bundle
 paganstrawhut_menu  Pagan Hut 1 Free with Pagan
Simpson Bundle
paganfencese  Pagan Fence  6 Free with Pagan
Simpson Bundle
Pagan Fence Bundle
 standingstones01_menu  Singing Stone 1 Pagan Stones
 standingstones02_menu   Singing Stone 2  Pagan Stones
 standingstones03_menu   Singing Stone 3  Pagan Stones
 standingstones04_menu   Singing Stone 4  Pagan Stones
 standingstones05_menu   Singing Stone 5  Pagan Stones
 standingstones06_menu   Singing Stone 6  Pagan Stones
standingstones07_menu   Singing Stone 7  Pagan Stones
 standingstones08_menu  Secret Singing Stone  Singing Stones
 ico_stor_xmas2016_pagansmembershipcard Pagans of the Multiverse Act 1: sidebar_donut60
Act 2: sidebar_donut30
ico_stor_single_singingstonesbundle Pagan Stones  sidebar_donut60
pagan-simpsons-bundle-gil-deal Pagan Simpsons Bundle sidebar_donut170
paganfencese Pagan Fence Bundle sidebar_donut10

Pagan Stones content: Pagan Stones: Singing Stone 1, Singing Stone 2, Singing Stone 3, Singing Stone 4, Singing Stone 5, Singing Stone 6 and Singing Stone 7. It unlocks Secret Singing Stone.

Pagan Simpsons Bundle content: Pagan Bonfire, 6 Pagan Fences, Pagan Hut.

Pagan Fence Bundle content: 8 Pagan Fences.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


24 thoughts on “Winter 2016: All the Event New Items and Prices

  1. I have two iPads , the iPad pro and the iPad 4 . I play two different towns. My iPad pro works fine for finding the gnome in my home town. My other game on my iPad 4 will not produce the green gnome compass to guide you to the gnome ,it says that a gnome is running around my town but it does do anything to make the gnome available !! I’ve asked about this problem earlier . Does anyone know what’s going on with this glitch !!!?????


    1. tried Krustyland and friend screen and back?


      1. That did the trick !! Thank you so much !!! 🙂


  2. How does the secret singing stone get unlocked?


    1. Quote from a Topix post: Pagan Stones (Singing Stone 1, Singing Stone 2, Singing Stone 3, Singing Stone 4, Singing Stone 5, Singing Stone 6 and Singing Stone 7 – unlocks Secret Singing Stone) are now available in the store. The order to play them is 2 5 5 6 5 4 3 3.


      1. Thanks. I knew I must have missed the post.


  3. Great ..more things to buy with donuts. How about buying for cash. I’ve got over 70 million and nothing else to buy that I haven’t already got..


    1. Turn your in game cash into donuts. Turn on for a day and buy and sell blood mobiles. 70 million on game cash CAN turn into a lot of donuts depending on your multiplier. Problem solved.


      1. *Turn on multiplier that is. *


  4. Name required 12/09/2016 — 00:42

    Are the Wiccans one character? And if they are, do they have triple payout?


  5. How much will Bonestorm Santa and Frosty the hitman be?


  6. So on the wiki there is something about 3 different mystery gift costing somekind of new currency. Do you know how the currency will be collected? And what can be found in those 3 boxes?


    1. in the event dates post we made the list. currency can be obtained by tapping the gnome on the days it’s active or by purchasing some of the old items


  7. Does the Pagan Stones have Bonus $ and XP?


  8. Well , Two things happened today as far as I can tell !! First ,it’s snowing and secondly, they added a strip,of land for sale at the top of the town !! This is great but I wished they had added it at the beginning of the xmas ,before I had to put my sports quest package in storage !! Better late than never….


  9. tiffany7291 12/08/2016 — 18:39

    Thanks a bunch for this post…..since I’ve got pretty much everything being offered bundle-wise I think I’ll go ahead & get the spirit tree! This year seems like they threw a mishmash together….the ufo seems out of nowhere….well I guess they always come out of nowhere……😄


    1. It took me a while to recognise it but the UFO is from the Movementarian episode. The Leader tries to make his escape on it at the end but it falls apart and I think it’s just a bike wings (or something similar? It’s been years since I’ve seen the episode) on the inside.

      So I guess it’s still religion-related, which fits with the other Act 1 prizes.


  10. Will they do what they did in Halloween, if you have something from the bundle. They offer it separately?


    1. Apparently EA listened and they’re now available separately too!


      1. …and they added a strip of land :’)


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