Winter 2016: Unreleased Goodies!

You know it’s Christmas when EA hides some goodies under their hats or tucked deep in the game’s files, and they are some good goodies that everyone will surely enjoy. Apparently this update isn’t that bad with so many goodies! Join us right after the jump to find out what surprises this event will bring, including something big: a whole town!

The content we’ll cover first  is more stuff for Christmas:


Cut-Glass Cathedral


From the episode Natural Born Kissers:

A nude Homer found himself dragging across the cathedral’s roof when he was hanging onto a rope from a hot-air balloon. This horrified the attendants and the pastor, who responded by telling everyone to stare down at “God’s fabulous parquet floor”.

Temple Beth Springfield


From the episodes Like Father, Like Clown and Clown in the Dumps

Temple Beth Springfield is the local synagogue in the Lower East Side of Springfield. Krusty the Clown’s father Hyman Krustofsky was the acting rabbi until his death.

This will probably include Hyman Krustofsky.


Brother Faith Bus


Brother Faith is from the episode Faith Off

During one of his shows he helped get a bucket off of Homer’s head, which had become stuck as the result of a prank. After he got Bart to remove the bucket, Brother Faith told him that he had a gift. Bart then decided to become a faith healer as well, and began healing people in town.

and The Simpsons Movie

Brother Faith attended Green Day’s funeral shortly before the events of Trappuccino.


Quest: Cut-Glass Cathedral

Ned: How’re our numbers, Ned? Is the congregation back in the black?
Rev. Lovejoy: Good Lord, the heating bill for that one sermon was over 1000 dollars!
Ned: Small price to pay to spread God’s word, right?
Rev. Lovejoy: I’m trying to run a business here, Ned!
Ned: Well, at least people are admiring the beautiful architecture.
Homer: The what? Oh no, I was just picturing myself sliding up the glass roof of this place naked. Somehow it feels like déjà vu.

Task: Build the Cut-Glass Cathedral
Task: Make Rev. Lovejoy Do a Moving Sermon
Time: Unknown
Location: Cut-Glass Cathedral
Task: Make Ned Attend the Sermon
Time: Unknown
Location: Cut-Glass Cathedral
Task: Make Homer Check Out the Cathedral
Time: Unknown
Location: Cut-Glass Cathedral

Rev. Lovejoy: Great news, Ned. The world famous Cut-Glass Cathedral is coming to Springfield!
Ned: I can’t believe California, the very heart of the Bible Belt, would give up such a fine church.
Rev. Lovejoy: The Ministries filed for bankruptcy again, and we bought it for peanuts.
Rev. Lovejoy: Their liturgical beliefs are slightly different than ours, so God’s fine with us stiffing them.
Rev. Lovejoy: With a little sizzle on our sermon steak, these people will come crawling back to traditional religion!

The second, the biggest, is the preview of what’s probably coming in 2017: SHELBYVILLE!


Jebediah Springfield


From the episodes The Telltale Head, Lemon of Troy and Lisa the Iconoclas

Hans Sprungfeld, better known as Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield, is the purported historical founder of the town of Springfield.

Shelbyville Manhattan


From the episode Lemon of Troy

Shelbyville Manhattan was the founder of Shelbyville and former partner of Jebediah Springfield. Their split occurred when Springfield refused to found a town where one can marry his or her cousin; Shelbyville considered cousins “so attractive”. He thought the whole point of their journey to found a new town was for that reason.


Car-Impound Lot


From the episode Lemon of Troy

When Marge finds out what Bart is up to, she gets Homer and several other parents to go to Shelbyville and find them (with Homer insisting Ned Flanders drive them in his RV. The boys eventually find the tree, but it’s in the car-impound lot being guarded by the Shelbyvillian boys. When the parents eventually find the kids, Homer soon becomes upset, and demands the owner of the impound lot return the tree. His request is laughingly refuted, and everyone begins to return to Springfield.

Ned’s Winne Bago


From the episode Lemon of Troy

When Marge finds out what Bart is up to, she gets Homer and several other parents to go to Shelbyville and find them (with Homer insisting Ned Flanders drive them in his RV).

Shelbyville Statue


From the episode Lemon of Troy

The statue of Shelbyville Manhattan and his two cousins is located at Manhattan Square, the square in the center of Shelbyville.

What if Springfield Heights unused land is going to become Shelbyville?

The third is other stuff not fitting with the others:


Chess Table


From the episode The PTA Disbands

Bart is seen playing 6 games of chess at the park, but he’s checkmated by the players.

and Lost Our Lisa

After taking the wrong bus and getting lost, Lisa came across two men playing chess. She asked the men if they knew how to get to the museum. One of the men yelled at her in Russian, saying that the museum was 6 blocks away. Lisa, who was frightened by the yelling, ran off and the man said to the other chess player that she was going in the wrong direction. The other man then said “checkmate”, to which the first man threw the chess board on the ground and, while shouting again, asked the man if he would like to play another game.

Fake Toll Booth


Toll Booths appear in Homer’s Paternity Coot

After Marge and Lisa see a commercial for a store that sells damaged items from fires for cheap prices, they set off immediately. However, when they’re on the highway, they see that there’s a new toll booth that charges seventy-five cents. Not wanting to pay, Marge takes a backroad. Other drivers see her doing it and follow her. Mayor Quimby is angry that no one is using the toll booth, especially as he cannot fix the water fountain by “de-python-ing” it without the seventy-five cent tax, and blocks off the backroad. The next week, Marge is back driving and sees that she now cannot avoid the toll. Also, she can’t back up because of tire spikes on the road. When she finally gets to the booth, she refuses to pay and backs up. The bumper backs into the car behind her, and soon, everyone’s tires run into the spikes.

Perfect Beer Truck


From the episode Homer the Heretic

In Homer’s perfect day, he finds a penny and thinks of the best day in his life, and after thinking of his marriege, he think of him dancing as an overturned beer truck sprays its contents like a fountain.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


22 thoughts on “Winter 2016: Unreleased Goodies!

  1. How do you get the task “Tap The Singing Stones” to work? Obviously Homer has to not be doing anything, but with Homer free and tapping the stones, I’m getting nothing. Any hints?


    1. tap them in this order 2 5 5 6 5 4 3 3


  2. When will we see Unlockable in Mystery Box to get the prizes? Like: Mr. Plow, Sophie Krustofsky and so on. How much donuts will it cost?


    1. those are coming in the returning post. You can get gifts by using the vouchers you get from buying old items or tapping gnome from 12/21 8am to 1/3 8am GMT


      1. So no donuts?


        1. nothing is set. some items will be donuts but only ea knows


  3. Maybe a new crop at Cletus’ Farm, namely turnips?


  4. If Shelbyville is an upcoming add-on, I hope it’s more like Springfield Heights, and not another Krustyland where you have to go visit.

    In hindsight, they sure fumbled that idea (Krustyland) horribly, didn’t they?


  5. think this will be the missing Act 3 or a new event after Winter is over?


  6. I was just thinking that Shelbyville would be a good, new area addition to TSTO.


  7. OO. Holy.

    So does this mean we’ll get a separate town to work on or just visit. Oo.


    1. Tapatapatapa 12/08/2016 — 22:35

      I don’t think there is enough Shelbyville stuff to fill a new town but if the whole thing forms part of a bigger expansion then who knows?
      Shelbyville had a very nice theatre district though.


      1. I predict a battle between Shelbyville and Springfield over the Lemon Tree 🌳


      2. True.


      3. When the game was first released, you used to be able to steal the lemon tree from your neighbour’s towns and of course people could steal it from you too so that’s why they’re hard to get. They switched off that mechanic though as it wasn’t working properly and it never returned.


        1. That’s how I got my lemon-tree.

          (Lemon tree, very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet
          But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat
          Lemon tree, very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet
          But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat…)

          Maybe a turnip tastes better and the Shelbyvillians are right.


  8. Do Jebediah Springfield cost donuts?


    1. it’s unreleased stuff. only an image is shown. no cost or anything programmed yet


    2. unreleased means that it is not in the game, nor is it scheduled to be in the game, so we do not know


    3. BurningBlaze360 12/22/2016 — 20:04

      No. You have to buy them. WITH REAL MONEY!


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