Winter 2016: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 1

The 2016 winter event is here, bringing us a pagan Christmas, tied to the next episode “The Nightmare After Krustmas”. Join us right after the jump for the Part 1 of the Act 1 Walkthorugh of the event!
Store Notice: Pagan Stones (Singing Stone 1, Singing Stone 2, Singing Stone 3, Singing Stone 4, Singing Stone 5, Singing Stone 6 and Singing Stone 7 – unlocks Secret Singing Stone) are now available in the store. The order to play them is 2 5 5 6 5 4 3 3. Also available in the store now is the Fever Bundle (Fever Cabin, Burns Fever Snowman and Homer Fever Snowman), Fever Cabin, Burns Fever Snowman and Homer Fever Snowman.

Right at the end of November, we got a small questline to preview what was coming in the next week on the show, The Nightmare After Krustmas, and is now revealed to be a preview of the actual event.

An Early Christmas Present

Auto starts

Marge: We got a special early Christmas surprise for you, Maggie!
Maggie: *suck* *suck*
Homer: It’s the best kind of present! One that will monitor your behavior and report back to Santa.
Homer: You get to live in your own adorable little surveillance state with… the Gnome in Your Home!
Maggie: *suck* *suck*

Task: Place the Gnome in Your Home Box

Homer: We’ll leave the Gnome in Your Home right next to your crib, so he can spy on every widdle thing you does!
Marge: And don’t worry, he never goes to sleep! All he ever does is watch.
Homer: Watch, and judge. Don’t forget the judging.
Maggie: *suck* *suck*
Gnome: …

After completing the questline, if you haven’t triggered yet, the questline of the event starts automatically right away.

Yule Love It! Pt. 1

Auto starts

Bart: Bad news, Lis. I just checked the Bible, and apparently Buddhists like you don’t get Christmas presents.
Bart: Technically, I’m supposed to stone you to death. But since you’re my sister, I’m gonna let that slide.
Lisa: It doesn’t say that in the Bible!
Lisa: Well, I’m PRETTY sure it doesn’t say that. Only nutjobs actually read the thing.
Lisa: But regardless, most Christmas traditions have Pagan origins.
Ned: Did you say P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p…
Lisa: Why is it so easy to make Mr. Flanders hyperventilate?

Task: Make Lisa Explain the Origins of Christmas
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Library or Brown House
Task: Make Springfielders Learn About Christmas[x5]
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Library or Brown House

Lisa: We actually have no idea what day Jesus was born on. Early Christians just co-opted traditional celebrations of the Winter Solstice.
Lisa: But every kid, Jesus included, deserves a birthday party, so what’s the harm?
Ned: But Pagans worship goats and demons and horrible monsters like Mother Earth!
Lisa: “Pagan” just means you don’t follow one of the world’s main religions. They’re not scary!
Lisa: In fact, maybe we should hold a traditional Pagan Winter Carnival right here in Springfield. It’ll be fun!
System Message: Will the Pagan Winter Carnival spell trouble for Ned and Lovejoy? Find out this Sunday at 8/7C on FOX!

Yule Love It! Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: Is it true, sweetie? Are we having a Bacon Winter Carnival?
Lisa: “Pagan.” Why would anyone have a Bacon Festival? Stupid.
Homer: Don’t mock my religious beliefs!
Homer: You don’t see me forcing my Baconist teachings on Pagans, do you?
Lisa: No. You’ve been very open-minded about that. Great job.

Place the Pagan Winter Carnival Sign
Task: Make Homer Get Ready for Bacon
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

Homer: Nice sign, sweetie!
Lisa: Thanks. You going to put one up for your Bacon Festival?
Homer: You don’t advertise a Bacon Party. Then you’d have to share your bacon, silly!
Homer: Which goes against EVERYTHING I believe in.

Yule Love It! Pt. 3

Auto starts

Lisa: Here’s a twist on Christmas: instead of exchanging presents, we’ll offer Pagan-style gifts to the gods!
Ned: It’s GOD, not GODS! One! And he’s not exactly keen on sharing the stage.
Ned: Seriously, “no other gods but me” is, like, in his top ten turn-offs.
Lisa: Now then, typical Pagan gifts to the gods were wine, or herbs–
Cletus: Catnip’s a herb! And it grows at ma farm. I have some right here. I’ll just hold up a large quantity in ma unprotected hands, and–

Task: Reach Level 6 and Build Cletus’s Farm
Task: Make Cletus Struggle in a Cat Fight
Time: 6s
Location: Cletus’s Farm

Cletus: Dangit! These cats are after my catnip like it was catnip!
Cletus: I guess there is a certain logic there.
Lisa: Catnip works as well as any other offering to the gods. But we’ll need lots more!

Yule Love It! Pt. 4

Auto starts

Homer: I think the gods are bored with our offerings. I prayed about my enemies, and not a single one has been struck dead!
Willie: Willie’s got an offering any god with half a brain would love — a wee statue of Willie. Carved it myself.
Lisa: It’s… disturbing.
Willie: Yeah, well maybe that’s what the artist was GOING for.

Task: Make Willie Carve More Selfies
Time: 6s
Location: Willie’s Shack

Lisa: Willie, what do you carve these out of?
Willie: Clay art projects I swipe from the school kiln. Saves yer parents the trouble of tossing them later.
Lisa: That’s stealing! And F.Y.I., our parents LOVE when we bring home art!
Willie: Step one: pretend you love the art. Step two: wait until child forgets about the art, and toss. Repeat until college.

Springfield Henge Pt. 1

Auto starts

Lisa: Now we need a suitable place where we can make our offerings.
Willie: How about two rings of massive standing stones — a henge, if you will — supporting lintels.
Willie: We’ll call these formations “trilithons.”
Lisa: You’re describing Stonehenge.
Willie: Am not! Anyway, I had the idea first!
Lisa: Stonehenge is five thousand years old.
Willie: And Willie thought of it five thousand-and-one years ago! Ask anyone!

Build Springfield Henge
Task: Hand in an Offering

Lisa: Springfield Henge is complete! And no one was crushed to death building it.
Homer: Except Moleman, but, you know, par for the course.
Lisa: Let’s keep collecting more and making offerings!
System Message: You can now send more Pagans to collect Catnip and Carved Figurines!
Reward: 25 Event Currency 10 XP

The story continues in part 2 of our walkthrough coming up later! Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


4 thoughts on “Winter 2016: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 1

  1. The task ask you to tap on the music stones eight time and it never clears… what am I doing wrong?


    1. solution is 2, 5, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3


  2. I love this game.😘😘


  3. likeanobody 12/09/2016 — 12:18

    Hey LPITA, thanks for the nice work!
    Can you tell me iff any of the characters available now in the store (patches & poor violet, gino and ling) are voiced/have quotes? Thanks in advance!


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