Winter 2016: All Event Returning Items and Prices

Items are returning from the previous winter events and some are offered in bundles: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all of them!
Store Notification: The Blocko Store has returned to the store!


Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs

image name cost
unlock_patchespoorviolet Patches and Poor Violet Unlock
Patches and Poor Violet
 unlock_babygerald Baby Gerald Unlock
Baby Gerald
unlock_lingbouvier Ling Bouvier Unlock
Ling Bouvier
unlock_gino Tapped Out Gino Unlock
Gino Terwilliger Underdunk
It’s a Wonderful Knife
 unlock_kingwinter tapped_out_king_winter_unlock
King Winter
King Winter’s Cave
 unlock_bonestormsanta tapped_out_bonestorm_santa_unlock
Bonestorm Santa
unlock_annualgiftman tapped_out_annual_gift_man_unlock
Annual Gift Man
Rebate: sidebar_donut10
unlock_frostythehitman tapped_out_frosty_the_hitman_unlock
Frosty the Hitman
Rebate: sidebar_donut10
unlock_candykevin CandyKevin_unlock
Candy Kevin
Rebate: sidebar_donut10
 unlock_kearneysotherson Kearney's Other Son Unlock
Kearney’s Other Son
 unlock_lucillebotzcowski Lucille Botzcowski Unlock
Lucille Botzcowski
Rubber Baby
Buggy Bumpers
unlock_snowmonster Snow Monster Unlock Screen
Snow Monster
unlock_dancingreindeer Dancing Reindeer Unlock
Dancing Reindeer
Rebate: sidebar_donut20
Christmas Stuff Bundle
unlock_christmasraccoon Tapped_Out_Christmas_Raccoon_New_Character
Christmas Raccoon
Silver Mystery Present
unlock_mssinclair Mrs. Sinclair Unlock
Mrs. Sinclair
Gold Mystery Present
 unlock_mrcostington Tapped_Out_Mr._Costington_New_Character
Mr. Costington’s
unlock_sophiekrustofsky sophie-krustofsky-unlock
Sophie Krustofsky
Platinum Mystery Present
Character Skins
unlock_mrburns_whitewitch White Witch Burns Unlock
White Witch Burns
 unlock_ned_stupidsexyflanders tapped_out_stupid_sexy_flanders_unlock
Stupid Sexy Flanders
Ski Lift
  unlock_homer_santa 250px-Tapped_Out_Santa_Homer_New_Character
Santa Homer
Santa’s Village
 unlock_ned_santasuit tapped_out_flanders_santa_new_character
Santa Flanders
Rebate: sidebar_donut35
Santa Skin Bundle
 unlock_ralph_littlehelper tapped_out_little_helper_ralph_unlock
Little Helper Ralph
Toy Workshop
unlock_martin_prince tapped_out_ice_princess_martin_unlock
Ice Princess Martin
Ice Palace
unlock_mrburns_ebenezerburns tapped_out_ebenezer_burns_new_character
Ebenezer Burns
Silver Mystery Present
unlock_comicbookguy_festivus Festivus CBG Unlock
Festivus CBG
Silver Mystery Present
unlock_barney_plowking Tapped_Out_Plow_King_New_Character
Plow King
Gold Mystery Present
unlock_homer_mrplow Tapped_Out_Mr._Plow_New_Character
Mr. Plow
Gold Mystery Present
Daycare Center Stonecutter’s Daycare Center cash250,000
 itsawonderfulknife It’s a Wonderful Knife sidebar_donut150
 blockostore_menu Blocko Store sidebar_donut30
 skichalet_menu Ski Chalet sidebar_donut80
 duffcenterarena_menu Duff Center Arena sidebar_donut200
Rebate: sidebar_donut60
 babysittingservice_menu Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers sidebar_donut120
Egg Nog Bar Egg Nog Bar sidebar_donut60
 SantasVillage Santa’s Village sidebar_donut80
Rebate: 40
Santa Skin Bundle
Santas Workshop Santa’s Workshop sidebar_donut70
Rebate: sidebar_donut35
Santa’s Workshop Bundle
 Toy Workshop Toy Workshop sidebar_donut75
Rebate: sidebar_donut35
Santa’s Workshop Bundle
clausco_transimage Claus Co. sidebar_donut90
Rebate: sidebar_donut45
Santa’s Workshop Bundle
 irregulartrees_menu X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular sidebar_donut60
Rebate: sidebar_donut30
Christmas Stuff Bundle
bestsnowmanever05_menu Best Snowman Ever
(fully upgraded)
Rebate: sidebar_donut40
Winter 2015 Super Bundle
gingerbreadmansion05_menu Gingerbread Mansion
(fully upgraded)
Rebate: sidebar_donut70
Winter 2015 Super Bundle
 exoticpettingzoo03_menu Exotic Petting Zoo
(fully upgraded)
Rebate: sidebar_donut35
Exotic Petting Zoo Bundle
Ice Palace Ice Palace sidebar_donut120
Rebate: sidebar_donut40
 canadiancabin_menu Virgil’s Cabin Silver Mystery Present
abercrombierich_menu Abercrombie & Rich Silver Mystery Present
 animalshelter_menu Springfield Animal Shelter Silver Mystery Present
 woolybully_menu Wooly Bully Silver Mystery Present
 Helter Shelter Helter Shelter Silver Mystery Present
 Fort Sensible Fort Sensible Silver Mystery Present
sequelstop_transimage Sequel Stop Gold Mystery Present
 ico_priz_xmas2015_yeoldechocolateshoppe_lg Chocolate Shoppe Gold Mystery Present
victorssecret_menu Victor’s Secret Gold Mystery Present
 Springfield Skating Rink Springield Skating Rink Gold Mystery Present
 springfieldmall_menu Springfield Mall Gold Mystery Present
Costingtons Costington’s Platinum Mystery Present
 springfieldorphanage_menu Springfield Orphanage Platinum Mystery Present
buckinghammotel_menu Buckingham Pay-Less Motel Platinum Mystery Present
 walleweasel_menu Wall E. Weasel’s Platinum Mystery Present
 slidefactory_menu Slide Factory Platinum Mystery Present
northpolestation_menu North Pole Station Platinum Mystery Present
North Pole Station also includes: 8 Straight Track Pieces, 4 Curved
Track Pieces, 4 Short Track Piece and 2 S Curve Pieces
Tapped_Out_Efcot_Center Efcot Center Platinum Mystery Present
Building Skin
Houseboat Decorated Christmas Houseboat sidebar_donut10
 gnome-box  Gnome Box  An Early Christmas Present
 Holiday Tree  Holiday Tree  Maggie’s Day Out Pt. 4
 newyearsball_menu New Year’s Ball Happy New… Beer?
(if not owned)
 slide_menu Slide cash8.500
 50px-Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_1 Festive Bow Lamp Post  cash385
LawnBell Festive Fancy Lawn Bell  cash425
 LampPostWreath  Festive Wreath Lamp Post  cash385
CandyCane  Festive Candycane  cash450
 murderedsnowman_menu  Murdered Snowman  cash30.000
 lollipopflowers_menu  Lollipop Flowers  cash6.500
marshmallowtree_menu Marshmallow Tree  cash10.000
 Ice Fence Ice Fence  cash500
Hot Drink Stand Festive Hot Drink Stand  cash1.200
 Present Depot  Present Depot  cash2.000
Christmas Float Christmas Float  cash80.000
Chicken Coop Chicken Coop
(No Bonus $ and XP)
 Hay Cart  Hay Cart Craftable
Medieval Tent Medieval Tent Craftable
TO_COC_Windmill Windmill
(No Bonus $ and XP)
 Two-Story Outhouse  Two-Story Outhouse
(No Bonus $ and XP)
 Festive Light Plunger Festive Light Plunger sidebar_donut55
Rebate: sidebar_donut25
Fever Cabin  Fever Cabin sidebar_donut30
Fever Bundle
Ski Lift Ski Lift sidebar_donut150
Rebate: sidebar_donut40
 King Winters Cave  King Winter’s Cave sidebar_donut175
Rebate: sidebar_donut75
 TotemPole “Christmas” Totem  sidebar_donut10
 Nativity Scene Nativity Scene  sidebar_donut175
Rebate: sidebar_donut85
 murderhorn_menu Murderhorn sidebar_donut250
Rebate: sidebar_donut100
 Reindeer Reindeer sidebar_donut20
 thermaligloo_menu Fancy Igloo  sidebar_donut20
 duffbeertree_transimage  Duff Beer Tree  sidebar_donut10
 Icegod  Ice God sidebar_donut30
Rebate: sidebar_donut20
 giantoutdoorfireplace_menu Giant Outdoor Fireplace  sidebar_donut35
Elf Home Elf Home  sidebar_donut60
Rebate: sidebar_donut10
 TrashCanFire Festive Trashcan Fire sidebar_donut3
 Homer Fever Snowman Homer Fever Snowman  sidebar_donut10
Fever Bundle
Burns Fever Snowman  Burns Fever Snowman  sidebar_donut10
Fever Bundle
 Pig of Paradise Pen  Pig of Paradise Pen   sidebar_donut30
Rebate: sidebar_donut15
Exotic Petting Zoo Bundle
Wooly Mammoth Pen Wooly Mammoth Pen   sidebar_donut30
Rebate: sidebar_donut15
Exotic Petting Zoo Bundle
Land Octupus Pen  Land Octopus Pen   sidebar_donut35
Rebate: sidebar_donut15
Exotic Petting Zoo Bundle
 First Christmas Tree  First Ever Christmas Tree   sidebar_donut15
Rebate: sidebar_donut5
Exotic Petting Zoo Bundle
 MargeSnowman  Marge Snowman Snowman Bundle
 LisaSnowman  Lisa Snowman  Snowman Bundle
AbeSnowman  Grampa Snowman  Snowman Bundle
ico_stor_single_snowmanbundle Ice Sculpture
Couch Gag Scene
 Snowman Bundle
North Pole The North Pole Little Helper Ralph’s
Special Helper Pt. 2
snowglobe_menu Giant Snow Globe sidebar_donut225
Rebate: sidebar_donut100
christmasclams_menu  Christmas Clams
$50 a Pound
Silver Mystery Present
 leftoriumexpress_menu Leftorium Express Silver Mystery Present
 yourrembrandt_menu  Picture on a Rembrandt Silver Mystery Present
 Tropical Island  Tropical Island Silver Mystery Present
Tapped_Out_Plow_King's_Plow  Plow King’s Plow Silver Mystery Present
Spruce Caboose  Spruce Caboose Gold Mystery Present
 bearcave_menu Bear Cave Platinum Mystery Present
  ico_stor_single_santaskinbundle Santa Skin Bundle sidebar_donut80
 ico_stor_single_feverbundle Fever Bundle   sidebar_donut25
 ico_stor_single_santasworkshopbundle  Santa’s Workshop Bundle   sidebar_donut115
 ico_stor_single_winter2015superbundle  Winter 2015 Super Bundle   sidebar_donut110
 ico_stor_single_moesexoticzoobundle  Exotic Petting Zoo Bundle   sidebar_donut80
 ico_stor_single_snowmanbundle  Snowman Bundle   sidebar_donut45
 ico_stor_single_christmasstuffbundle  Christmas Stuff Bundle   sidebar_donut60

Bundles content:

Santa Skin Bundle: Santa’s Village, Santa Homer and Santa Flanders

Fever Bundle: Fever Cabin, Burns Fever Snowman and Homer Fever Snowman

Santa’s Workshop Bundle: Little Helper Ralph, Toy Workshop, Santa’s Workshop and Claus Co.

Winter 2015 Super Bundle: Best Snowman Ever (fully upgraded) and Gingerbread Mansion (fully upgraded)

Exotic Petting Zoo Bundle: Moe’s Exotic Petting Zoo (fully upgraded), Pig of Paradise Pen, Wooly Mammoth Pen and Land Octopus Pen

Snowman Bundle: Marge Snowman, Lisa Snowman, Grampa Snowman and Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene

Christmas Stuff Bundle: First Ever Christmas Tree, Christmas Float, Dancing Reindeer and X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


32 thoughts on “Winter 2016: All Event Returning Items and Prices

  1. Is the Bear Cave gold or platinum mystery present? Here it says gold, but on the EA forum it says platinum.


  2. I can’t believe how happy I am to spend 20 donuts to get a reindeer. never been offered the reindeer or the free-range turkey


    • I second that! Write EA, I plan too. If enough people write in they may offer it. I also want the Grumple and Christmas Mountain for Hanks Base.


  3. How many vouchers do you get for tapping the Gnome, and does it depend on what level the Gnome is. Are the vouchers not purchasable via donuts? It seems a bit mean not to be able to buy items you want like The Slide Factory directly.


  4. Is anyone else encountering a glitch with the Gnome? It’s says he’s out of his box, an the radar doesn’t appear. I’ve checked back multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled, and still nothing. This has been going on the better part of 12 hours, So essentially I’m missing out on extras that I need. This is on an iPhone, So IOS.


  5. I am glad to see returning items the only one I need is the candy cane character how do I get it it isn’t available for me to purchase and as always thanks for all that you all do


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