Winter 2016: Act 1 Prizes

Some mysterious gods, a new shop, a “UFO” and a friend of Rev. Lovejoy are the prizes for Act 1 of the event! Join us right after the jump for the list of Act 1 prizes!
Store Notification: Ski Lift w/Stupid Sexy Flanders and Ski Chalet are now available in the store!!


image name cost
goatgodstatue Goat God Statue sidebar_xmas2016_antlers4.850
ico_xmas2016_runestones_pack1 Pile of Runestones
antlerrentalhut_menu $5 Antlar Rental sidebar_xmas2016_antlers22.750
newgmb new-god-mr-burns-unlock
New God Mr. Burns
(Unlocks New God Mr. Burns Statue)
ico_xmas2016_runestones_pack2 Goblet of Runestones
cultflyingsaucer_menu Cult Flying Saucer sidebar_xmas2016_antlers52.050
unlock_theparson the-parson-unlock
The Parson

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “Winter 2016: Act 1 Prizes

  1. Hi I have just noticed I do not have a gnome finder in my town any more (it comes up when I visit other friends) is there a reason for that? thanks


    1. Do you have any roads? If you play on iOS and dont have roads, the game glitches. Easy to ix, just put in a sqaure(4) of roads.
      try resynching by visiting KL or the minitown map


    2. Thank you the visiting KL worked


  2. My gnome game part doesn’t work right he still stuck in the glass case and no radar turns on to find him log in out and re down load still the same


    1. try resynching by visiting Krustyland r going to the minitown map


  3. I just unlocked the Mr Burns prize and I got the outfit but no statue. Is there supposed to be a statue? (It looks like there is from the picture but wanted to check)


      1. I’m not finding it. It’s called “new god statue”, right?


          1. Yep, nothing. :/ Maybe its unlocked through the quest that starts. If not I’ll just contact ea. Thanks for the confirmation 🙂


            1. it unlocks after pt2


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