Winter 2016: Crafting

Once again, crafting returns in the game, ready to dish out many new items! Join us right after the jump for all the details!


Each item can be crafted using Runestones, that you can get from tapping, Daily Challenges or doing offers, and contributes to the level up of the Lumber Mill. Each item you craft also earns you Event Currency too!

image name cost e.c.reward
Level 1
 paganhut02_menu Small Pagan Tent sidebar_xmas2016_runestones270  220
carnivalflag01  Carnival Banner 1  sidebar_xmas2016_runestones120  100
Level 2
mediummushroom Large Mushrooms sidebar_xmas2016_runestones60  50
 Chicken Coop  Chicken Coop
(No Bonus $ and XP)
sidebar_xmas2016_runestones105  85
Level 3
goatheadstatue  Goat Head Statue  sidebar_xmas2016_runestones180  145
Hay Cart  Hay Cart
(No Bonus $ and XP)
 sidebar_xmas2016_runestones225  180
Level 4
paganhut01_menu  Large Pagan Tent sidebar_xmas2016_runestones450  360
pagancauldron_menu  Pagan Cauldron  sidebar_xmas2016_runestones120  100
Level 5
 carnivalflag02  Carnival Banner 2  sidebar_xmas2016_runestones120  100
phonehenge_menu  Phone-Henge Kiosk  sidebar_xmas2016_runestones750  600
Level 6
giantmushroom  Giant Mushrooms  sidebar_xmas2016_runestones200  160
brazier_menu  Brazier sidebar_xmas2016_runestones75  60
Level 7
Two-Story Outhouse  Two-Story Outhouse  sidebar_xmas2016_runestones125  100
paganhut03_menu Pagan Hall sidebar_xmas2016_runestones950  760
Level 8
carnivalflag03  Carnival Banner 3  sidebar_xmas2016_runestones120  100
 TO_COC_Windmill  Windmill
(No Bonus $ and XP)
sidebar_xmas2016_runestones400  320
Level 9
Note: Fir is Murder Christmas Tree gives Event
Currency even if not stated on crafting screen
firismurdertree_menu  Fir is Murder
Christmas Tree
 sidebar_xmas2016_runestones250  200
 Medieval Tent Medieval Tent sidebar_xmas2016_runestones200  160
Level 10
dunkthemonk_menu  Dunk the Monk sidebar_xmas2016_runestones1.250  1.000

To level up, and unlock more items you can craft, you’ll need to spend Runestones on crafting items, there’s no limit on how many you can craft of non-unique items:

Level 2: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones300
Level 3: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones700
Level 4: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones1.220
Level 5: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones2.020
Level 6: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones2.920
Level 7: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones4.070
Level 8: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones5.270
Level 9: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones6.570
Level 10: sidebar_xmas2016_runestones8.220

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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