Winter 2016: Act 1 Prizes Walkthrough Part 2

A weird UFO from Joy of Sect and a new character, The Parson, joins us in the rest of the Act 1 prizes. Join us right after the jump for the 2nd part of the walkthrough of the Act 1 Prizes.
Store Notice: Some items are leaving the store in 24 hours: Fever Bundle (Fever Cabin, Burns Fever Snowman and Homer Fever Snowman), Fever Cabin, Burns Fever Snowman, Homer Fever Snowman.

Cult Flying Saucer

Auto starts

Homer: AAAAAAHHH! The Rigellians are back to destroy our world!
Professor Frink: According to my analysis, this is just a replica of your typical flying saucer.
Professor Frink: Yes. This vehicle was built with plywood, metal scraps, and cheap light bulbs.
Professor Frink: It’s basically a toy for grown-ups.
Homer: AAAAAAHHH! Everybody take cover! The Rigellians are attacking us with toy flying saucers!

Task: Tap the Cult Flying Saucer

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 1

The Parson starts

Rev. Lovejoy: Parson! To what do I owe this, uh, pleasure?
The Parson: Your former congregation walks the streets paying homage to river spirits and you wonder why I’m here?
Rev. Lovejoy: I’ve tried, I really have!
The Parson: We in the Presbylutheran Church can stomach losing the occasional member to the Lutherterians.
The Parson: They’re a heretical lot, doomed to hellfire, but, you know, I see the appeal. I get it.
The Parson: But PAGANISM, Tim? Really?

Task: Make the Parson Sermonize at Rev. Lovejoy
Time: 8h
Location: First Church of Springfield
Requires: Rev. Lovejoy

Rev. Lovejoy: It’s just a slump! I’ve had them before!
The Parson: Your numbers are down for the twelfth straight quarter. That’s not a slump. That’s a one-way ticket to the Saskatoon parish.
The Parson: Now, we’re gonna fix this, or you can pack your bags.

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 2

The Parson starts

The Parson: Timothy, gather your flock. I am going to address them personally.
Rev. Lovejoy: That’s incredible! You haven’t spoken publicly since 1983!
The Parson: And I swore I never would again. The last time I sermonized, my words were so holy twelve old widows burst into flame.
The Parson: But the situation is dire. Time to play the old hits.

Task: Make Rev. Lovejoy Advertise the Parson’s Speech
Time: 1h
Location: Town Hall
Task: Make the Parson Sermonize the Old Hits
Time: 1h
Location: First Church of Springfield
Task: Make Ned Notice His Moustache Tingle
Time: 1h
Location: First Church of Springfield

Ned: That… that was incredible!
The Parson: I wish the rest of the congregation agreed. Those pentagram-wearing weirdos just stared at me…
Rev. Lovejoy: See? I told you!
The Parson: I performed all my 80’s hits: “God: Your Personal Yoda,” “LPs are the Old Testament, CDs the New” and “Faith: the Jane Fonda Workout for Your Soul.”
The Parson: Has my material gone stale?

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 3

The Parson starts

The Parson: Time to bring out the big guns.
The Parson: Gather the troops, Timothy. Tomorrow, the Parson will croon this town back to God.

Task: Make Lovejoy Advertise the Parson’s Performance
Time: 12h
Location: Town Hall
Task: Make the Parson Sing Psalm 98:5
Time: 12h
Location: First Church of Springfield
Task: Make Ned Notice His Moustache Tingle Again
Time: 12h
Location: First Church of Springfield

The Parson: Still nothing! What is with these people?
Rev. Lovejoy: I don’t mean to gloat, but I did tell you–
The Parson: Saskatoon, Tim. Saskatoon.
Rev. Lovejoy: Shutting up now, sir.

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 4

The Parson starts

The Parson: It appears that the situation is much worse than I thought.
The Parson: I need to commune with the Lord in quiet contemplation.
The Parson: Where’s the nearest golf course?

Task: Make the Parson Tear it Up
Time: 4h

The Parson: I have consulted with the Holy Spirit.
Rev. Lovejoy: What did he say?
The Parson: Mostly complained about His clubs. He shot an 85. He’s a 7 handicap, so a rough day for Him out there.

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 5

The Parson starts

Rev. Lovejoy: So… what’s the plan to win back our flock?
The Parson: First, I’m going to peal off in my golf cart.
Rev. Lovejoy: And then?
The Parson: I don’t know, spread the Word maybe. Point is, this town gives me the creeps. You’re welcome to it.

Task: Make the Parson Spread the Word
Time: 24h

Ralph: Yay, a golf cart!
The Parson: If you’ll come to church this Sunday, I’ll let you drive it, son.
Ralph: No thank you. I worship a tree. Tree said he’ll buy me a fire truck.
The Parson: I hate this town…

Bonus Gift

Auto starts

Task: Collect Antlers [x5100]
Reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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