Winter 2016: Act 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 1

A membership card for pagans, a frozen crashed car and a talking old tree are the first of the premium items in Act 1. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough of Act 1 Premium items.

A Pagan Paradise Pt. 3

24 hours after completing A Pagan Paradise Pt. 2
Auto starts

System Message: Get your Pagans of the Multiverse Membership now and earn double rewards for tapping Pagans in a friend’s town!
If the item is purchased:
System Message: Congratulations on your purchase of the Pagans of the Multiverse Membership. You’ll now get double rewards for tapping Pagans in a friend’s town!

Flanders Frozen Car

Homer starts

Homer: Hey Flanders, remember that time I crashed your car into a hydrant and it froze solid?
Ned: Then you crashed it into a salt silo and it rusted all over.
Homer: Hehe, that’s the natural give-and-take of our relationship. I give, you take.
Ned: THEN you got high on exhaust fumes and crashed it into another hydrant!
Homer: Give and take.
Ned: But when does it ever end?
Homer: Don’t worry. Sooner or later I’m bound to not walk away from crashing your car into something hilarious.

Old Tree Spirit

Lisa starts

Lisa: “Dear Diary… Many of the beliefs these Pagans have are silly, and, with the Eastern European ones, more than a teensy bit racist.”
Lisa: “But I find animism — the idea that spirits live everywhere, even inside rocks and trees — quite charming.”
Old Tree Spirit: Aww, thanks, Lisa.
Lisa: …
Lisa: Gonna choose to ignore that.
Old Tree Spirit: Sorry. You’re writing in your diary. I shouldn’t interrupt.
Lisa: Eep!

Task: Make Lisa Write In Her Diary
Time: 4h
Location: Old Tree Spirit

Lisa: I’m probably dreaming. I MUST be dreaming. No way there’s a spirit inside that tree.
Old Tree Spirit: Fine. Maybe I’LL choose not to believe in YOU.
Old Tree Spirit: Lisa isn’t re-al! Lisa isn’t re-al.
Lisa: Tree Spirit isn’t real.
Old Tree Spirit: So weird to be speaking to a little girl — WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS LITTLE GIRLS AREN’T REAL.
Lisa: Touché.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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