Winter 2016: Act 2 of the event starts now!

The second act of the event is starting now!
Store Notice: New items have joined the store: The Wiccans, Baby Gerald, White Witch Burns, King Winter’s Cave w/King Winter.
Baby Gerald was set to be permanent in the store if you start The End of the Beginning Pt. 6 and have unlocked the Winter 2016 store.


9 thoughts on “Winter 2016: Act 2 of the event starts now!

  1. With the start of this act I suddenly have most of my characters listing and defaulting to the 6’s job of “Learn about Christmas” from act 1. Doesn’t seem to be a common problem, or is it? More the point, how do you get rid of it? It’s very annoying!


    1. it is common, lots of tasks from Act 1 is lingering. 😦


    2. Hopefully a patch is released soon to disable it


      1. OK, let’s hope so. Thanks for that.


  2. Hi that day 15 antler reward thumbs up golden token thing reset before I could get it.. is that an actual item to place in the game? It looks available as the chicken fingers/rubies day 15 reward as well? Thanks for any info


      1. Oh so it’s not an actual item to place in the town?


          1. Ok thanks! 🙂


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