Announcement: Ask Sam!

First I would like to apologise for my long abscense writing posts. I have always been behind scenes of TopiX, talking to LP and admins, but have found it hard to get back into writing here. Because of my dedication to my blog and my Youtube channel, I won’t post here that much. But when I do pop in, when I want to, then enjoy what I have to bring …


This is a really quick post just to let you know about something I am doing on my YouTube channel. I am giving you over 12 hours to submit me your questions for me to record me answering them and put them up before Christmas.

Do you have a question for me about TSTO? Simpsons? 2016 in the game? This event? Then submit it.

To submit me a question all you have to do is comment on this blog post or comment on the YouTube video below:

Please get involved. Hope you are enjoying the event. Happy Tapping …


13 thoughts on “Announcement: Ask Sam!

  1. I have another question.

    Any speculation what will happen with that elf toy on Christmas Day ???


    1. nothing. unfortunatly.


      1. Kk.


  2. Several questions:
    1. Who/what is your favourite character/building combo?
    2. Are you a premium, freemium or a KEM farmer?
    3. How long have you been playing TSTO? What event/update did you enjoy the most?
    4. If you could change anything about the game, what would it be?
    5. What would you prefer, a sea, SH or K’Land expansion?
    6. Finally, would you rather only dream about Sexy Flanders, or live with Patty and Selma for a year?


  3. Is there any chance of the land ‘east’ (to the right) of Springfield Heights being opened up? It seems ripe in the picking to do so.

    Would they do it with more SH type currency etc. or has the whole SH had it’s day?


  4. There are many ways to “hack” TSTO (i.e. exploiting bugs, using Reddit, etc), how much doe EA “know”.

    I’m curious from a sociological perspective on trying to understand the team coding the game.


  5. Dam, it’s a ghost town here. I’d thought you would’ve gotten lots more question’s. 😦

    But I do have another question.

    Lots of characters, I’m not sure if all, have the same task – Learn About Christmas which is 6 seconds long. I first noticed it when I was about to send Snake to jail.

    I’ve checked the daily tasks and everything else but see no reason why characters got this task.

    Do you have any speculations and do you think this task with be removed when the takedown update goes live ???

    P.S. – Learn About Christmas doesn’t generate Event currency.


    1. it’s remainings from old quests in the event, seems like a bug in the code

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      1. Ohhhhhhhhh. Kk. ^^


  6. yes when is the program connectivity going to be corrected. I still get logged out every 3 minutes I play the game. I wont buy any donuts until I can play.


  7. We may get a shelbyville add on come 2017. How do you think EA would do it ???


    1. Good question. Looking forward to answering it 😃

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      1. ^^


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