First Time Packs update (and the Homer the Heretic event content in the files) has been released!

A new update was just released on our towns, as Shelbyville has come… kinda. A new reward for buying donuts has been added: the Shelbyville items, called First Time Packs. Not spending donuts but by buying them. Join us later for all the infos you’ll need on this new weird update!
Coming up later is also “Homer the Heretic” items, like Rabbi Krustofsky! To see a preview of most of the items you can check our post here containing most of them. Some were added in this update and we’ll cover them in January when the event hits.


6 thoughts on “First Time Packs update (and the Homer the Heretic event content in the files) has been released!

  1. Tapatapatapa 12/22/2016 — 21:11

    Sorry to sound negative but how dumb is that? You buy donuts so you can buy somethimg that costs donuts – to get a donut refund!
    They couldn’t even get Gil to sell that bad deal.
    Hopefully after the donut sale those items will be for sale at regular prices.


    1. no, they’re permanently attached to them


  2. Jimmy Smitty 12/22/2016 — 20:23

    In my game the only option of donut purchase is the dozen donuts, and it includes nothing. Tricked me good, EA, glad I can refund that purchase. It’s the principle of the ripoff, here.


    1. Tapatapatapa 12/22/2016 — 21:26

      There’s no prize for 12 donuts.
      It’s the Shelbyville guy with a stack, jebediah Springfield with a tray, Flanders RV with the next level, car impound lot with store full, and Shelbyville Statue with a boatload.
      So to get Jebediah you have to buy a tray and only a tray I think….and to get everything you’d have to separately buy each range of donuts.


      1. Yep, Silly but people will do it


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