Winter 2016: Act 2 Prizes Walkthrough Part 1

Lisa has a new look and… never smiles? While Bart and Milhouse enjoy a pit full of balls and a weird snowman is built. Join us right after the jump for the 1st part of the walkthrough of Act 2 prizes!

Devil Snowman

Auto starts

Satyr Willie: The old gods demand a sacrifice!
Satyr Willie: Bring forth the Devil Snowman, so that Willie may feast upon its icy heart!
Satyr Willie: I mean, I gotta assume the old gods don’t want their main goat Willie going to jail, right?

Task: Place the Devil Snowman
Task: Make Satyr Willie Eat Heartily
Time: 4h
Location: Devil Snowman

Satyr Willie: HA HA HA! The snowman is no more!
Wiggum: You know there’s creepy/cool, and there’s just creepy/stupid. Kinda veered toward the second one, there.
Satyr Willie: Yeah, it didn’t feel that great.
Satyr Willie: Still, when it comes to sacrifices, baby steps. Baby steps.

Ba’al Pit

Auto starts

Milhouse: Look at that dumb ball pit!
Bart: Yeah, ball pits are for stupid babies! We outgrew those years ago!
Milhouse: WAIT! It’s not a ball pit, it’s a “Ba’al” pit!
Bart: Then that’s TOTALLY different. Whee!

Task: Place Ba’al Pit
Task: Make Milhouse Play in the Ba’al Pit
Time: 4h
Location: Ba’al Pit
Task: Make Bart Play in the Ba’al Pit
Time: 4h
Location: Ba’al Pit

Bart: Whee!
Milhouse: Whee!
Lisa: Fellas, I don’t know how to tell you this, but a ball pit’s a ball pit, no matter what they call it.

The Ravencrow Pt. 1

Lisa starts

Milhouse: Wow, Lisa, I love your new outfit!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Lisa? Never heard of her. My name is Ravencrow Neversmiles, and you’re in my way, worm!
Milhouse: Eight is pretty early for a Goth phase.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: I’m precocious. It’s not a crime.

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Dye All Her Clothes Black
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson House

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Now my raiment is as black as my Goth soul.
Milhouse: You look awesome in black, Lis.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Aw, thanks!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: WAIT! Stop cheering me up! Trying to be morose here, dude.

The Ravencrow Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Milhouse: Hey Ravencrow, I got an extra ticket to the new Angelica Button movie. Wanna go?
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Oooh! Shoot, yes I do. Very much.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: But alas, a Goth must always be alone. Alone with her bottomless despair.
Milhouse: Okay. Have fun with that!

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Enjoy Some Time Alone
Time: 24h
Location: Brown House

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Wow. I’ve been lonely most of my life.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: But when I’m CHOOSING to be alone, it’s actually kind of nice.
Milhouse: My dark majesty…
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Not now! Enjoying solitude here!
Milhouse: Can I do it with you? PLEASE?

The Ravencrow Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Milhouse: What a great day! The sun is shining, and I got the saddest girl in Springfield by my side.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Dang it, the sun! I almost forgot to cover up. A Goth with a tan is no Goth at all!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: I need sunscreen! The highest SPF science has to offer!

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Bathe in SPF 200 Sunscreen
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson House

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Ahh. Now my skin will forever remain a pallid bright yellow.
Milhouse: And what beautiful skin it is, my Cimmerian empress.

The Ravencrow Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Hmm. Passing the time sure is hard when you’re not allowed to take pleasure from anything.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: How to be miserable, how to be miserable…
Ravencrow Neversmiles: I know! I’ll compose dark, despairing poetry. Verses so bleak, they’ll suck all enjoyment from life itself!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: This is going to be so fun!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: No! No, not fun! Come on Ravencrow, stick to your guns!

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Write Dark Poetry
Time: 4h

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Let’s see, what rhymes with “a playground of woe…”
Ravencrow Neversmiles: “A greyhound of snow?” “A slayed pound of dough?” Is that anything? Ugh.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Milhouse! I’m not depressed enough! Come here and annoy me for a while!
Milhouse: With pleasure!

The Ravencrow Pt. 5

Lisa starts

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Let’s see, what else are Goths into…
Ravencrow Neversmiles: The Cure? Pass. Vampires? Lame. Witchcraft? Ugh. So dumb.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: As a student of science, I reject spiritualism lock, stock, and barrel.
Milhouse: I have a Ouija board, my sweet! We could séance together!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: No, too embarrassing. Leave the board. You, scram.

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Communicate With the Dead
Time: 12h
Task: Make Milhouse Try to Eavesdrop
Time: 12h
Location: Van Houten House

Ravencrow Neversmiles: No ghosts. Big surprise.
Milhouse: No communing with the dead? That’s all right. You’ll get ‘em next time, my bleak queen of grief.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: No, I give up. I liked being sad all the time better when I could wear comfortable shoes.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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