First Time Packs: How It Works and All The Update Items and Prices

5 new items were added to the store right now, but not in the conventional way. Join us right after the jump for all the details on the First Time Packs update!
Store Notice: A new item has joined the store: Giant Burning Goat; while some old items are leaving in 24 hours: White Witch Burns and King Winter’s Cave w/King Winter.

The five new items have been permanently to the store in a different way from the usual.


The items have been assigned to the purchase of Donuts.

If you buy one of the donut packages, you get one of the items.

They’ve been added as permanent purchases so you can get them anytime, only once per item.

The following list contains all the new items from this event!

Both Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville Manhattan are playable.

More items are coming on January 3rd as “Homer the Heretic” event starts.

Note: The returning Ice Palace w/Ice Princess Martin and the Giant Snow Globe are now available in the Winter 2016 store section!

image name cost
unlock_jebediahspringfield jebediah-springfield-unlock
Jebediah Springfield
Truckload of
300 Donuts
unlock_shelbyvillemanhatten shelbyville-manhattan-unlock
Shelbyville Manhattan
Stack of
60 Donuts
carimpoundlot_menu Car Impound Lot Store Full of
900 Donuts
nedswinnebago_menu Ned’s Caravan Tray of
132 Donuts
shelbyvillestatue Shelbyville Manhattan Statue Boatload of
2400 Donuts

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


13 thoughts on “First Time Packs: How It Works and All The Update Items and Prices

  1. Richard Everson 12/24/2016 — 09:28

    Yes it’s annoying and cheeky of EA
    But they have to find new ways to encourage people to pay.
    All Developer’s even FTP need to try and make income.

    No1 is forcing you to buy donuts, I don’t mind paying for donuts now and again, as it helps pay for the game that we love so much to stay in development. If people stopped paying, they would stop developing and we wouldn’t get updates or events


  2. Todd McConnel 12/24/2016 — 03:27

    I have 711 donuts and have to buy more to get the characters. After not caring about the premium items in the current event that’s a slap in the face.


  3. People on a budget can’t usually buy donuts, period. EA are perfectly entitled to charge for the priviledge to use a part of their product. It is only about 5 items, not a big deal.


  4. Todd McConnel 12/24/2016 — 00:31

    Disappointing I can’t buy them with earned donuts


  5. Timothy Sable 12/23/2016 — 14:15

    Worst idea making us paying for these items people on a budget cant afford these items rip off EA you disappoint me .


    1. they’re permanent. if you buy those package anytime you’ll get them. no limit


  6. How do I get to the mystery gifts every time I tap on “Do it” it doesnt do anythibg it just shows my same exact screen


    1. Anything*


    2. what screen does it do? how many vouchers you have?


  7. I hope these will become playable / for sale separately soon


    1. Unfortunately its unlikely as they are set permanent for people that buy donuts as thanks


      1. In all likelihood these items will be probably be swapped out for other newer items, when donut sales drop later next year. I think there’s still a possibility that they’ll become available as returning items at some point much later.


  8. No way José, That’s not what I’m going to buy!!!


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