Winter 2016: Last 24+ hours of the event!

The final 24 hours of the event are upon us! Be quick and complete it before it’s too late!
The last 24 hours for many items are also here: Old Tree Spirit, Flanders Frozen Car, Patches and Poor Violet, What a Wonderful Knife w/Gino, Ling Bouvier, Pagan Stones (Singing Stone 1, Singing Stone 2, Singing Stone 3, Singing Stone 4, Singing Stone 5, Singing Stone 6 and Singing Stone 7 – unlocks Secret Singing Stone), Pagan Simpson Promo (Pagan Bonfire, Pagan Hut and 6 Pagan Fence), Pagan Hut, Pagan Fence, The Wiccans, Nativity Scene, Snowman Bundle (Marge Snowman, Lisa Snowman, Grampa Snowman and Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene), Christmas Stuff Bundle (First Ever Christmas Tree, Christmas Float, Dancing Reindeer and X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular), First Ever Christmas Tree, Christmas Float, Dancing Reindeer and X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular!


16 thoughts on “Winter 2016: Last 24+ hours of the event!

  1. I haven’t gotten any quest today or yesterday after I did the singing stones.


    1. Singing stones are just there and you tap them to unlock the last one and thats it


  2. Can’t get any song from the stones what order do they go?


  3. Tapatapatapa 12/30/2016 — 01:11

    Does anyone know what the day 13 prize is?
    Is it Homer the Heretic?
    I’ll find out in 7 hours I spose šŸ™‚


    1. Its a placeholder for event end. Homer the heretic comes jan 3rd


  4. Am I the only one finding it weird for a winter event to end before New Year’s Eve?


    1. Homer the heretic is kinda of an extension

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  5. Anyone else having problems. My game won’t load. I’ve signed out and back in and still having problems. I’m using a kindle.


  6. Is anyone else experiencing a glistening when you go to yout friends house. I cat make it through fast enough to even get my three things. Help


  7. Are you sure about the Giant Snow Globe? It says 5d 21h time left.


    1. Must have forgot to edit thankw and also ice palace too


  8. It has been a good event for me. I got all the Christmas stuff with cronuts šŸ˜€


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