Winter 2016: Happy New… Beer?

A new quest to get ready for the new year has started to gift us (if not owned already) the New Year’s Ball from last year! Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough!
Note: The event ended on time at 8am GMT, with no extension (a first in a long time), thus confirming no app store update to remove snow that will stay for a bit longer, but the ability to buy prizes with donuts was removed weirdly. Only the Gnome in the Box is still there for your Gift Vouchers collect. However, if you have any crafting currency left over you can still craft…just store a craftable item then replace it to make more.

Happy New… Beer?

Auto starts on December 30th

Grampa: I’m not wearing a costume!
Homer: You will!
Grampa: Everyone will laugh at me!
Homer: A. They already laugh at you; and B. Babies and oldies look so cute when you dress them up!
Homer: And really, what else do those two groups have to offer the world?

Task: Make Grampa Celebrate New Years
Time: 4h

Homer: Who’s my adorable, senile little guy? You is! Yes you is!
System Message: Happy New Year from the the Simpsons: Tapped Out!
Reward: New Year’s Ball (if not owned)

Note: Grampa’s Celebrate New Years is a permanent job.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Winter 2016: Happy New… Beer?

  1. Aafreen Inayat 12/31/2016 — 06:41

    Till when are the Gift Vouchers & Mystery Presents gonna be available in the game??

    I thought they would go away with the end of the Pagan update timer, so I used 38 donuts to get vouchers for a 2nd Mystery Present (Feeling slightly angry but just slightly)


    1. my guess is 8 am GMT jan 3rd


    2. wasn’t there a timer under the store panel?


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