First Time Packs Premium Walkthrough: Ned’s Caravan, Car Impound Lot and Combos

Ned’s Caravan, Shelbyville Manhattan’s Car Impound Lot and combo items starts short questlines if bought. Join us right after the jump for their walkthrough.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Ned starts

Ned: Hey Homer, what do you say we scamper to my newly-repaired camper?
Ned: Sip some tea in my fixed RV!
Ned: Get behind the wheelicle of my recreational vehicle!
Homer: Dammit, Flanders! Rhymes aren’t jokes!
Ned: Neither is going “Mmm” and drooling whenever you hear the name of a food.
Homer: Well played.
Homer: Oh, by the way, I might’ve accidentally strapped another lemon tree to your camper and crushed the roof…
Ned: What?! You made fini of Mini-Wini!
Homer: Mmm, mini-weenies. *drools*

That’s a Lot Pt. 1

Auto starts

Marge: Get dressed, Homie, we’re having a date night!
Homer: I don’t know, our last “date night” was just a trick to get me to that AA meeting…
Marge: The Car Impound Lot is re-opening as a nightclub. It’s called The ‘Pound! With an apostrophe even! Now THAT’S hip!
Squeaky Voice Teen: Welcome to The ‘Pound, may I valet your car?

Task: Make Springfielders Attend the Grand Opening
Time: 8h
Location: Car Impound Lot

That’s a Lot Pt. 2

Auto starts

Marge: What a cool nightclub. You could tell it was fancy because the bathroom attendants acted REALLY entitled to a tip.
Homer: Can you pull around the pink sedan, my good man?
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sure. That’ll be $250.
Homer: $250?! How is that possible?
Squeaky Voice Teen: It’s still a Car Impound Lot too.

Task: Make Homer Look Under the Car Seats for Loose
Time: 4h
Location: Car Impound Lot

If you own both Jebediah Springfield and George Washington, a quest starts.

We Meet At Last

George Washington starts

George Washington: Well, if it isn’t my lifelong nemesis, old What’s-His-Face.
Jebediah Springfield: You know my name, George! It’s Jebediah Springfield. Perhaps you noticed this city is named after me.
George Washington: Pff, a “city.” I’ve got a whole STATE named after me. And some universities, the capital, Denzel…
Jebediah Springfield: I doubt they’d be so eager to name things after you if they knew your deep dark secret…
Jebediah Springfield: That it wasn’t YOU who chopped down your fabled cherry tree — it was ME!
George Washington: But I was covering for you, you jerk!
Jebediah Springfield: And then you lied about not being able to tell a lie — that’s twice as bad!
George Washington: Curse you, Jebediah! The next thing I chop down will be you!

Task: Make Jebediah Springfield Hide From George Washington
Time: 10h
Location: Brown House

If you own both Shelbyville Manhattan and its statue, a quest starts.

Statue of Liberties

Auto starts

Shelbyville Manhattan: Look at this magnificent statue of me. Such attention to detail.
Marge: They really captured your pioneering spirit!
Shelbyville Manhattan: Yes, not to mention my pervy smile and leering eyes.
Shelbyville Manhattan: And every last curve of my beautiful, voluptuous cousins.
Marge: I’m sorry, did you say “cousins”?
Shelbyville Manhattan: Yes. My relatives, kin, almost-sisters. You know, the people you marry.
Marge: I’m sorry, Mr. Manhattan, but these days that sort of behavior is looked down upon. And is illegal.
Cletus: Don’t worry, feller, not everyone in this town is against your ideas. My family welcomes ya with open arms!
Shelbyville Manhattan: That’s exactly how I used to welcome my cousins!

If you own both Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville Manhattan, after completing The Manhattan Project Pt. 5 and Small World Problems Pt. 4, a quest starts.

Act of Aggression

The Manhattan Project Pt. 5 and Small World Problems Pt. 4
Shelbyville Manhattan starts

Shelbyville Manhattan: Jeb…
Jebediah Springfield: Shelby…
Shelbyville Manhattan: So… are we… ghosts?
Jebediah Springfield: I don’t rightly know. Perhaps this is heaven?
Shelbyville Manhattan: Pfff! Heaven?! That is a hearty laugh, sir! This place is a dung heap!
Jebediah Springfield: It’s not that bad!
Shelbyville Manhattan: Says the guy it’s named after.
Shelbyville Manhattan: I’ll give you purgatory MAYBE, but heaven? I don’t think so. This is hell.
Jebediah Springfield: I’ll send you to hell!

Task: Make Jebediah Springfield Quarrel
Time: 4h
Location: Brown House
Requires: Shelbyville Manhattan

Shelbyville Manhattan: I’m too old to quarrel.
Jebediah Springfield: You’re right, this is hell…

And if you complete Act of Aggression and have Shelbyville Manhattan Statue, a final quest starts.

It’s What You Do With It

The Manhattan Project Pt. 5, Small World Problems Pt. 4 and Act of Aggression
Auto starts

Jebediah Springfield: Must we always quarrel?
Shelbyville Manhattan: No we mustn’t! Now put up your fists!
Jebediah Springfield: I thought we buried the hatchet those many years ago.
Shelbyville Manhattan: Yes, where did we bury that hatchet. I would love to kill you with it.

Task: Make the Founders Search for Their Buried Hatchet
Time: 4h
Location: Brown House

Shelbyville Manhattan: We should have marked where we buried it.
Jebediah Springfield: I guess we’ll just have to find a different hatchet, bury that, and agree to be friends.
Shelbyville Manhattan: Deal.

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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