Homer the Heretic starts now! Winter 2016: Last 24 hours for Happy New… Beer? and New Year’s Ball!

The Homer the Heretic event starts now! The event auto starts but require Level 15 (with Moe’s Tavern, Marge and Moe unlocked). Join us later for all the info you’ll need on this new event!
Also the last 24 hours to start Happy New… Beer?! are here! Get your New Year’s Ball (if not owned already) now!


10 thoughts on “Homer the Heretic starts now! Winter 2016: Last 24 hours for Happy New… Beer? and New Year’s Ball!

  1. Is anyone else showing that Paris Texan has a job available in this event with a get now tab next to her name but when you click on it she is no where to be found? I have been playing for years and somehow missed my opportunity to purchase her. She is a premium character correct? Is this a glitch that I need to report to EA? I would like the opportunity to purchase her if available. Can anyone help answer my question? Thank you.


    1. She is not a premium character. Reach 1 Billion REV at Springfield Heights. she is unlocked with Billionaire haven.


  2. How does the rabbi krustofski play into all this?


  3. Aafreen Inayat 01/03/2017 — 12:44

    Does Father Sean earn event currency (Karma)?? Is he of any use in the event?

    Or should I buy Brother Faith instead, who’s roughly the same price but who DOES earn event currency (Karma)??


    1. Father Sean doesn’t earn Karma


    2. though if you wanna buy him, do, cause this is the first time he has been rereleased since Easter and Yard Sale 2014


    3. Tapatapatapa 01/03/2017 — 23:24

      Aafreen, I own both characters but would pick Brother Faith if it came down to donuts.
      Brother Faith has a cool animation where he flys around on a cloud. Father Sean rides a bike and sings but other characters ride bikes too so Father Sean isn’t as unique as Brother Faith.


      1. feels a lot like Dragon Ball 😀


      2. Aafreen Inayat 01/04/2017 — 09:58

        Tapatapatapa, thanks for your suggestion = ))

        I have Cat Lady so Im actually progressing well in the Karma earning. Sean doesnt earn anything so Im passing up on him (besides he was only in 1 episode, so I’d rather save my bonuts for rebates on more regular characters like Dr Nick or DuffMan)

        I dont really need B. Faith (also a 1-off character), but your comment has me intrigued. Flying on a cloud seems much more cooler than riding a bike. Will decide about Faith in next few days : ))


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