How Do the First Time Packs and Homer the Heretic Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

With every new content update the game receives, each new item arrive with its own bonus reward or contribution to the Conform-O-Meter and Krust-O-Meter but also many times EA makes changes to existing or previously released content as well. To find out what this update and event and their content has brought to the table keep reading after the jump.

BUILDING OR ITEM rating points
Cut-Glass Cathedral
Temple Beth Springfield
Car Impound Lot
First Church of Lard Lad
Obedience 10
Hamburger Heaven  Gluttony 10
Perfect Beer Truck  Vanity 100
Penny Fountain
Chess Table
Bonus $ and XP
Fake Toll Booth Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Ned’s Camper Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Brother Faith Van Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Shelbyville Manhattan Statue Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Satan’s Anvil Vanity
Bonus $ and XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “How Do the First Time Packs and Homer the Heretic Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

  1. Where, or how, do we obtain Paris Texas?


    1. Paris Texan is unlocked with Billionaire Havern. Earn 1 billion REV in Springfield Heights to unlock her and Billionaire Haven.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah ha. Some way off then.


  2. Am I missing something on the Shelbyville quest? Also, where or when do the two “Founders” people arrive or come from? Hopefully I did not miss them…


  3. Hi, everyone, and Happy New Year to you! 😀 I can’t complete the Brother Faith, part 3, because, the táxi bar shows my character always busy… 😬 Do you know how can I solve this? Thanks, in advance 😀


    1. happy new year to you too! complete the part of the main questline you’re on and it’ll unlock 😉


  4. I dont see Krustys father in my simpson nor the chess table


    1. january 9th for him, chess table is a reward for finishing his questline


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