Homer the Heretic: Prizes

As with every event, Homer the Heretic has some new prizes to unlock with Karma! Join us right after the jump for the list of all prizes!


image name cost
unlock_homer_sundaymorning sunday-morning-homer-unlock
Sunday Morning Homer
Homer the Heretic Pt. 1
pennyfountain_menu Penny Fountain Homer the Heretic Pt. 2
greet-animal-friends Greet Animal Friends job Homer the Heretic Pt. 2
perfectbeertruck Perfect Beer Truck Homer the Heretic Pt. 3
dance-in-his-underwear Dance in his Underwear job Homer the Heretic Pt. 4
hamburgerheaven_menu Hamburger Heaven Homer the Heretic Pt. 5
crystalcathedral_menu Cut-Glass Cathedral Homer the Heretic Pt. 6

Be sure to check Homer’s new 12 hours job Play in the Beer Rain (Perfect Beer Truck) and Mr. Burns’ new 1 hour job Fall into the Fountain (Penny Fountain). They’re hilarious!


Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “Homer the Heretic: Prizes

  1. Is anyone else having a problem getting paris texian as well?She’s used to get more pennies & when I click get now she’s not showing up to purchase her.


    1. she’s unlocked with $1 milion in Springfield Heights


      1. You mean 1 billion, don’t you? You have to get Billionaires Heaven.


          1. Don’t be sorry! You are right at 99,999 percent of the time.


  2. Sedonahole511 01/07/2017 — 15:53

    I paid 30 donuts for the fake toll booth but the next time I logged in it disappeared. I tried to log out and back in and tried going to a neighbor and Krustyland but nothing brings it back. Has anyone else had this problem?


    1. Search your WHOLE inventory, if it isn’t there, contact EA.


  3. When the glass cathdral has been reached, The penny fountain gives 200 in game cash after five hours.


    1. You still can collect lesser amounts by clicking the collect button.


      1. Tapatapatapa 01/08/2017 — 03:04

        The only problem being the floating cash is always there, which blocks the animation


        1. As the most famous Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff stated once: “Every advantage has its disadvantage!”


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