“The Great Phatsby” Episode Tie-In: All You Need To Know

The actual Episode Tie-In for The Great Phatsby has landed yesterday, with the introduction of the villain of the episode, Jay G! Join us right after the jump for all you need to know on this update, happy tapping!

The file name for the previous update was The Great Phatsby Teaser, revealing it was just a teaser for this new update.

The questlines will be done in a separate post this time as they’re longer.

Gil will appear upon logging in with a new offer:


The offer lasts till January 25th at 8am GMT, and includes 2 new characters, 1 new building and 1 new decoration:

Jay G’s Mansion


Upon building it (6 seconds) it will unlock:

Jay G





Jay G is playable, while Goosius is an NPC, though Jay G’s 24 hours job is a joint task with Goosius. They complete the new character group The Great Phatsby:


Upon buying the offer, a new decoration is placable:

Jay G’s Pool



Jay G’s Mansion gives 20 points to Indolence

Jay G’s Pool gives 200 points to Vanity and a 2.25% Bonus $ and XP.

Where Did It Come From?

All the items appear in the episodes The Great Phatsby: Part One and The Great Phatsby: Part Two.

Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


12 thoughts on ““The Great Phatsby” Episode Tie-In: All You Need To Know

  1. Is Jay G 24 hr outdoor task with home and goose walking around or still where ever they meet or still in front of a particular building?


    1. they wonder around town and do the thing. to me when i tried they met and started the job there


  2. Awe it would have been awesome for them to include a skin for the power plant after Jay G took over (was only shown in the episode for a second but looked pretty cool and like something that would get put into the game)


  3. Any word yet on what will be included on Jan. 25th? And what items are up for rebate?


  4. Just wondering if anyone can help me. I’ve had the job for “The Princess Nerd Pt. 2” active in my task book for a month now. It’s a premium task that I don’t want to spend donuts on. I thought it would go away with the winter takedown, but it didn’t. I’ve been to Krustyland, and even deleted the game and reinstalled it to no avail. Any ideas on how to get this task off the list??


    1. you can’t get it off till ea removes it unfortunatly


  5. I was hoping to see the task list for the new character, and if any Springfielder has any new jobs with the new content. Those are always the big deal breakers with premium content. Please list them!


    1. Only Jay G has jobs there that’s why we didn’t mention any.


      1. But what are his jobs? And which are visible?


          1. Visit His Horticulturalist 1hr Jay G’s Mansion

            Bribe Old Rivals 4hrs Jay G’s Mansion

            Buy Local Businesses 8hrs Jay G’s Mansion

            Make It Rain 12hrs Outdoor/Visual

            Feed Goosius 24hrs Outdoor/Visual


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