“The Great Phatsby” Episode Tie-In: Walkthrough

More land and more jobs for Springfield Heights is as awesome as the new stuff from the 1 hour special from Sunday. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough of the tie-in!

On logging in, if you started Springfield Heights, a new dialogue starts unlocking 8-hour job slots in Springfield Heights.

Springfield Heights 8 Hour Job Intro

Auto starts on January 15th

Homer: *groan* It’s taking forever to save up my Lattes.
Homer: I’d prefer to receive things the same way I collect my paycheck; asleep in my chair.
Lisa: Maybe if we could work longer for larger rewards it might be better?
Homer: Pfft, which idiots are you going to convince to work longer?
System Message: 8-hour Job Slots now available in Springfield Heights!

Gil will also appear to offer you the new stuff from the tie-in.

Gil Offer

Gil starts

Gil: Hey there, pal, isn’t it time you stopped living like a pathetic nobody? Isn’t it time you showed everyone who’s the real playa in this game? Isn’t it time for old Gil to stop living on a park bench?
Gil: This mansion was custom built for legendary hip-hop producer Jay G.
Gil: He’s selling it due to a divorce caused by the events described in his wife’s hit single, “Y’all Done Had a Sleazy Sex Party While I Was In the Hospital Having Your Baby.”
Gil: Whaddaya, say, Sport? Are you ready to step up to the bigs? Are you ready to take it to the hoop? Are you ready to pay Gil a 1% commission? I’m ready to take a whole lot less, if that’ll seal the deal!


Offer accepted:

Gil: Ha-cha-cha! Old Gil is back on the dance floor and shaking a leg with sweet Lady Luck!
Jay G: I’ve decided not to sell. Praline and I reconciled after we spent a romantic weekend together looking at lawyers’ bills.
Gil: But I already booked the sale! I used my commission to buy a cemetery plot in Scottsdale — golf-course view. Old Gil could finally afford to die!
Jay G: I’m afraid you’ve got to keep living, you sad old white man. I bought the real estate company and voided the sale — that means you’re behind your monthly sales quota!
Gil: That’s okay. I’ll just start working the phones — the first step is finding a payphone that takes I.O.U.’s.

Offer declined:

Gil: Ahh, geez. Looks like I’ll be sleeping with Cookie Kwan again tonight. You know, on the bench with her ad on it.

If you accept, a new quest starts for Mr. Burns and the new Jay G.

Ruthless Rungs Pt. 1

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Your rapacious grasping is inspiring, but to truly master the Ladder to Loot, you have to push others down as you pull yourself up.
Jay G: So wise. Where do I begin, Monty Miyagi?
Mr. Burns: Start with your own employees. You know what they say — cruelty begins at home!

Task: Make Burns Torment Power Plant Workers
Time: 3h
Location: Control Building
Task: Make Jay G Be Mentored
Time: 3h
Location: Control Building

Mr. Burns: Fear is the aspiring loot-o-crat’s greatest tool. For example, spreading a rumor that you’re going to downsize will motivate employees to both work harder and accept lower pay!
Jay G: I like the ring of that rung, Monty! How’d you get to be so street?
Mr. Burns: I’m a Springfield O.G. – octogenarian grouch.
Jay G: Word.
Mr. Burns: Two words, actually. But I take your point.

Ruthless Rungs Pt. 2

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: The next rung is to realize that ruthlessness never rests. There are opportunities for malevolence in every situation… including a lovely dinner out with a friend.
Jay G: What are you thinking, Monty? Should we stiff them on the tip? Run out on the check? Both?
Mr. Burns: Excellent ideas, Jay. You’re zooming up the ladder. And for an extra larf, we can harass the staff before we stiff them!

Task: Make Burns & Jay G Harass the Wait Staff
Time: 3h
Location: Restaurants

Mr. Burns: The waiter quit, the hostess cried, and the busboy tried to drown himself in his dish bucket — I’d call that a successful evening!
Jay G: To tell the truth, I felt a little bit sorry when the hostess started to cry, because I knew that sooner or later she was going to stop!
Mr. Burns: Mocking your victims’ suffering — you’ve mastered another rung!

Ruthless Rungs Pt. 3

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: It’s important not to lose sight of the basics — ruthlessness should be fun! If you’re not having a good time at someone else’s expense, you’re doing it wrong!
Jay G: How do you keep the evil popping when you’re just hanging on the corner?
Mr. Burns: A degrading jape is never more than a dollar away. Watch me manipulate the greed of someone less fortunate!

Task: Make Burns & Jay G Glue Money to the Pavement
Time: 3h
Location: Control Building

Mr. Burns: There — right in the natural sight line of the broken down sidewalk-starer.
Jay G: Here comes a sucker now. It looks like he’s wearing Will Loman’s hand-me-downs.
Gil: A dollar! Holy moly — this is the break I’ve been waiting for! Things are gonna turn around now!
Gil: Ah, the old sidewalk-stickeroo. Should’ve known. Third time this week!

Ruthless Rungs Pt. 4

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Guiding you up these ruthless rungs has really tuckered me out. I barely have the strength to tent my fingers!
Jay G: Let’s go chill at my crib. You can rebuild your energy by terrorizing my staff.
Mr. Burns: That sounds delightful. I’m really more of a tormentor than a mentor anyway.

Task: Make Burns Go to Jay G’s Mansion
Time: 3h
Location: Jay G’s Mansion
Task: Make Jay G Go to Jay G’s Mansion
Time: 3h
Location: Jay G’s Mansion

Mr. Burns: Congratulations, Jay! You’ve reached the top rung of the Ladder to Loot! You’re like the son I never had — and far better than the son I did have but never see.
Jay G: And you’re like the father I never muscled out of his own record label and then framed for bank robbery.
Mr. Burns: And now we must destroy each other.
Jay G: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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