Lunar New Year 2017: All Event Items and Prices

A bunch of new decorations have been released in this new mini-update for the Chinese new year! Join us right after the jump for the complete list of released and upcoming items!


image name cost
offon Chinese Lantern cash5.000
chinesesailboat_transimage Chinese Junk sidebar_donut75
gianttakeoutbox Giant Takeout Box sidebar_donut50
greatwalltowermaster_menu Great Wall Tower
Great Wall bundle
greatwalltower_menu Great Wall Tower cash10.000
greatwallpiece01 Great Wall Section
greatwallpiece02 Great Wall Section
yellowdragon_menu Yellow Dragon Dragon Bundle
reddragon_menu Red Dragon Dragon Bundle
whitedragon_menu White Dragon Dragon Bundle
year-of-the-rooster-statue Year of the Rooster Statue Year of the Rooster Pt. 6
great-wall Great Wall sidebar_donut60
dragon-bundle Dragon Bundle sidebar_donut100
menu_francepins Pins  Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 3

Bundles content:

Great Wall: Great Wall Tower (main), Great Wall Section (horizontal), Great Wall Section (vertical)

Dragon Bundle: Yellow Dragon, Red Dragon and White Dragon

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “Lunar New Year 2017: All Event Items and Prices

  1. what do the pins do


    1. nothing yet. They might be useful in the future.


      1. They will be useful in the next event


  2. How do we get more towers and walls to add to our town?


    1. by tapping on the main tower and building them


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