Speculation on Next Event

A new event has been hinted in the files coming up next week, right after the end of Lunar New Year update. It’s the one that was hinted in the store update description. Join us right after the jump for SPOILERS on what’s coming!

Bart is watching what’s coming and he’s surprised! Let’s see what the questline will say.

At the end of the current questline, Year of the Rooster Pt. 6, this text will pop up:

sidebar_bartHey, who’re you?
touristmaleOh, just an out-of-towner who stopped to enjoy your Chinese New Year festival.
sidebar_quimbyA tourist enjoying our fake foreign festival. That gives me an idea.

System Message: Check in next week to see what Mayor Quimby has up his sleeve… besides some unexplained needle tracks. In the meantime, how about something to celebrate the New Year?

In the current store description we see this:

The New Year has been rung in, and the soggy decapitated goat heads have been wrung out. With Springfield getting back to normal, what will be next for your town? An inaugural incident? A romp around the world? A valentine visit from a gluttonous gal? Maybe some military miseducation? You’ll just have to wait and find out!

The message above hints the “A romp around the world?” part. With the Tourist indicating that.

At the end of the Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 3 quest, you’ll get some french pins from Milhouse, that actually do nothing at the moment.


It seems like the world around is next, let’s hope on a visit to europe, including Italy!


It’ll be an interesting Valentine’s Day event that’s for sure (if it’s) or else it’ll be another small one before Valentine?

We’ll see together what’s coming up next week. Join us then, but don’t forget to join us tomorrow for more info on this update, happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “Speculation on Next Event

  1. Are we bringing France to Springfield next? It would be great to add Cesar and Ugolin to the game.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tapatapatapa 01/26/2017 — 02:03

    Not sure what Milhouse has to do with France given his Italian/Dutch background though.
    Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, or a basilica of some sort would be nice to have.
    Perhaps the event will be an ode to all of the Simpson’s international travels, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Africa (not actually a country but who’s splitting hairs)…so many.
    And then there’s the Bart Sphinx house!

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