Destination Springfield event is LIVE!

EA has just added the files on the server, and the event is coming, requiring a new store update! Get ready to visit new places as we go around the world and it’s coming up next! Join us later for all the details on the new event!
Update: The event is LIVE!


7 thoughts on “Destination Springfield event is LIVE!

  1. Tapatapatapa 02/01/2017 — 01:56

    Does anyone else have issues with editing and moving items near the edge?
    It took me a few minutes to try and place one item on the edge as the ‘locating’ feature will not centre and I gave up eventually.
    I would also like the feature where you are returned to the spot you find in the inventory- rather than have to scroll through every time.
    Editing should be getting easier not harder. Why EA, why?


  2. So much space – 2 strips at the top, one at the side and one of water, with the water in front of Springfield heights being paid for with Springfield heights currency. And as usual lots of new buildings – for donuts


  3. Tapatapatapa 01/31/2017 — 23:00

    3 strips of land and 1 x water is great.
    No Australia but at least the southern hemisphere is represented with Brazil.


  4. BurningBlaze360 01/31/2017 — 21:45

    LetsPlayNintendoITA, are you going to update the TSTO Wiki page of the new event?


    1. yes i just finished the 10 bilion changes they did lol


  5. All that new land and water !! I knew that I was saving all that (my) funny money for something !! πŸ€“


    1. Agreed! Can finally properly design waterfront and move stuff a little farther out to sea a tile square more… give the beach front more space between that and the squid port dock πŸ˜‰


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