What Changed With the Destination Springfield Update? (January 31st)

A ton of changes were brought by the newly started Destination Springfield event! As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

The splash screen and the app icon were changed to the event’s.


A new ambience music for town and friend towns was added.

Daily Challenges were added for the event.


The land zone was moved to Springfield Airport.


A glitch that makes the edit locator unable to be centered around the bottom edge of town was introduced.

Soilant Factory skin select images were fixed.


A new row and 2 new columns of land, and 1 new column of water were added. A way to get land tokens to unlock a square for free was added in the event.


Platinum Scratch-Rs will be offered again from February 26th at 8am GMT to May 3rd at 8am GMT.

TSTO Platinum Scratch-R

Building Chinese Acrobatic Theatre now yields 80 XP and its task is now premium.


Placing Rose Bush now yields 100 XP and costs $1.000 to harvest but the trigger to activate them in Valentine’s 2017 was inactive.


Harvesting Valentine’s Roses cost $1.000.


A new item group was added, Valentines Decorations: Rose Bush, Valentine’s Tree, Love Planter, Rose Arch, Valentine’s Pond, Cherub Topiary, Cozy Hammock, I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train, Love Bench, Lovely Fence, Lovely Flower Cart, Cherub Bird Bath, Valentine’s Balloons, Lovely Gazebo, Fountain of Love, Sir Love-A-Lot and Animatronic Bears.


The unreleased Royal Tokyo was released.


Ronaldo and Dia-Betty were added to the Moonbounce.


Ronaldo was added to the characters excluded from the job Vote Against Stonecutter Law.

Placing Stadium Entrance now yields 25 XP.


Placing Homertron now yields 20 XP.


Placing Stadium Lights now yields 5 XP.


Great Wall Tower (main)’s build menu is now only accessible on own town.


Dragon Bundle, Great Wall, Takeout Box and Chinese Junk were set to return in the store from March 3rd at 8am GMT to March 7th at 8am GMT.


The Happy Sumo is available in Early Access from February 8th at 8am GMT to February 15th at 8am GMT.


Chocolate Shoppe now builds in 6 seconds.


Building Springfield Farmers Market now yields 70 XP and its task is now premium.


Kumiko’s quest The Saddest Town in America now requires the event to not be active, and Sailor Kumiko to not be bought or Dispirited Away Pt. 3 to not be active.


The System Message in The Saddest Town in America Pt. 4 “To find out what happens to Kumiko, tune in to this Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, 8/7c on FOX. Or don’t. But we did give you a free character. Just saying…” was removed.

The quest The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 6 now triggers even if Wolfcastle isn’t unlocked while doing Pt. 5 and completing it yields $200 and 20 XP.


Completing King Snorky Pt. 3 now yields 20 XP.


Completing Honest Abe Pt. 10, Heaven Won’t Wait Pt. 5, The Trouble With Twins Pt. 11, Arnie Pye in the Sky Pt. 6, Two Minutes of Hate Pt. 10, We Didn’t Start the Fire Pt. 11, After School Project Pt. 5, Hot in Here Pt. 5, Woman on Fire Pt. 4, The Family Business Pt. 6, Safety Dance Pt. 5, I Think I’m Turning Japanese Because I Am Japanese, Herb Stomp, Filming Springfield Pt. 2, Not Enough Moral Fiber Pt. 5, Rebel Without a Pause Pt. 7, Astro Not Pt. 4, Look What the Cat Dragged In Pt. 5, The Last Temptation of Hugs Bunny Pt. 5, A Spoonful of Bitter Pt. 5, White Collar Hero Pt. 5, NarcolepsZZZZZZZ Pt. 7, Hey Where’s the Party Pt. 4, Don’t Mess with an Evil Genius, Mole of All Trades Pt. 5, Nerds ‘R’ Us Pt. 3, Something for the Resume Pt. 5, Kiss My Grits Pt. 7, The Comics Town Affair Pt. 1 and 2, Siren Song Pt. 3, Calamity Case Pt. 2, Book of Machinations Pt. 5, Back from the Future Pt. 6, Retirement Retirement, I Am the One Who Crooks Pt. 4, Dream Walk on the Wild Side Pt. 3, The Ice Cream Man Cometh Pt. 5, Country on the Inside Pt. 5, The Devil Wears Blue Pt. 9, Failure to Launch Pt. 8, Declaration of Co-Dependence Pt. 6, The Rockets Red Glare Redux Pt. 7, Scandalgate Pt. 5, Mr. Fair Quimby Pt. 7, The Abeador Pt. 5, The Full Nelson Pt. 5, D Biscuit Pt. 6, Four Fingers of Death Pt. 5, Million Donut Baby Pt. 4, A League of His Own Pt. 5, Spin Up to the Streets Pt. 5, The Mighty Bucks Pt. 5, Marge Point Pt. 4, Nahasapeema Pin Pal Pt. 4, Hardly Kirking Pt. 5, Kruption Pt. 5, Sushi Ralph Pt. 4, The End of the Beginning Pt. 21 and 22, Baby on Board 2 The Quickening Pt. 6, A Colony for Ants Pt. 2, The Saddest Town in America Pt. 3, Insert Credit Card Pt. 6, Lowering the Bar Pt. 2, A Sign of the Grimes Pt. 7, Print is Dead Pt. 4, Attendance Envy Pt. 2, When Worlds Collide Pt. 11, Clash of Clones Pt. 4, The Power of Upgrades Pt. 3, Tipsy Turvy Pt. 10, Moe’s New Suit Pt. 4, The Grass is Always Greener Pt. 4, King Trash of Garbage Mountain Pt. 5, It Ain’t Easy Being Tie Dyed Pt. 4, Social Engineering Pt. 4 (if Moe is owned), Hilbert Got Shed Pt. 9, The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tatoo Pt. 4, Dr. Feelgood Pt. 3, Big Jamshed Pt. 5, Hypocritical Millenial Hipster Pt. 3, Police Tank Pt. 4, I Say Pomato You Say Pomahto Pt. 3, Coptoberfest Pt. 5, All the Belles and Whistles Pt. 5, Saturday Night Fever Pt. 8, Dance Off, Solid Gold Pt. 3, We’re Not in Equalia Anymore Pt. 6, Metagaming Pt. 4, Hardly a Silent Night, Just How Old Are You, Channel Ocho, The Day the Earth Stood Cool Pt. 4, Bargain Surgery, Mr. Plow Pt. 7, Chasing Shauna Pt. 9, Gorgeous Grampa Pt. 3, Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 5, The Texas with No Shame Pt. 6, St. Paddy’s Day Pt. 9, Bad Dream House Pt. 5, Little Girl in the Big Ten Pt. 4, I Am the Lizard Queen Pt. 7, Duff Gardens Pt. 3, Treehugger Lisa Pt. 6, Kamp Bart Pt. 7, Rock Paper Sister Pt. 5, To Catch a Cougar Pt. 3, A Love Embiggened Pt. 10, Dial M for Maggie Pt. 6, Android in the Dungeon Pt. 6, Presidential Primaries Pt. 6, Population Control Pt. 6, Sgt. Skinner’s Robot Parts Club Pt. 5, A Matter of Density Pt. 3, Conventional Wisdom Pt. 3, All Dressed Pt. 5, Too Much Blood in My Sugarstream Pt. 2, Springfield Got Talent Pt. 3, The Beer Minimum Pt. 3, Death of a Spokesman Pt. 3, All My Sober Ladies Pt. 5, Springfield Cleaning Pt. 3, Greenhouse Asylum Pt. 3, Springfield Games Pt. 6, Trend Fretter Pt. 4, St. Patrick’s Day Assacre Pt. 6, Sunday Cruddy Sunday, It’s Just Swamp Gas Pt. 8, Superbowl Weekend Pt. 3, Little Maggie Had Superpowers Pt. 4, Charcoal Chef Pt. 5, Lisa Smash and Bash Pt. 4, Arms Escalation Pt. 5, Fishing for Compliments Pt. 5, Total Recoal Pt. 5, Twist of Fate Pt. 5, Light at the End of the Wind Tunnel Pt. 5, A Flash of Two Nerds Pt. 6, Jurassic Spark Pt. 5, Dawn of Justness Pt. 3, Drill Baby Drill Pt. 5, Forget Me Knot Pt. 5, The Collider Pt. 4, The Dark Knight’s Inception Pt. 6, Springfield of Dreams Pt. 5, The Other Other White Meat Pt. 5, The Dame of the Game Pt. 5, La Dolce Morte Pt. 5, Rock a Die Baby Pt. 5, The Clowned of Music Pt. 5, Malpractice Makes Perfect Pt. 5, Sea Students Pt. 6, Say Cheers Pt. 5, Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 6, Thankless Thanksgiving Pt. 12, God Bless Native America Pt. 10, Clandestine Nerd Pt. 2, The Battle of Thanksgiving Pt. 4, How I Met Your Grandmother Pt. 5, The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 5, Nostalgia and Kitsch Pt. 4, The Girls Just Want To Have Fun Pt. 5, Count Burns Pt. 6, Hex in the City Pt. 5, The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 4, First Curch of Lard Lad Pt. 3, The Lard of the Rings Pt. 4, Moog Pt. 5, The Ultra Prankster Pt. 5, The Boy Who LARPd Pt. 5, Willie’s Labyrinth Pt. 3, The Saxamaphone Pt. 5, Lobotomy of Love Pt. 3, Where No Probe Has Gone Before Pt. 5, Early Squirrel Gets the Nut Pt. 5, Under the Tentacles Pt. 4, Festiween Pt. 4, Thruth, Justice and the Milhouse Way Pt. 5, Captain Kang Pt. 4, Cover Squirrel Pt. 5, My Brother’s Keeper Pt. 6, Ghouls and Gluttons Pt. 4, Dearth Takes a Personal Day Pt. 5, A World Aparts Pt. 5, Grave Expectations Pt. 5, The Talented Mr. Dripley Pt. 5, Middle American Werewolf In Springfield Pt. 5, The Eyes of the Beholder Pt. 5, Alpaca Lips Now Pt. 4, Much Ado About Mindy Pt. 7, A Woman of Much Importance Pt. 6, The Maude in the Machine Pt. 2, Solitary Sapphoholics Pt. 2, Far From the Madding Kraut Pt. 5, Fat in the Saddle Pt. 3, Chew It Over Pt. 5, Coyote Oldie Pt. 4, The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 6, A Trot to Remember Pt. 3, All in a Days Work Pt. 4, The Lone Danger Pt. 5, Grazing Saddles Pt. 3, Wild West Willie Pt. 3, City Stickler Pt. 5, Buck in the Saddle Again Pt. 5, The Heyteful Eight Legs Pt. 4, Hick and the Beanstalk Pt. 3, Carl’s Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 4, Some Assembly Required Pt. 3, Skinner Unchained Pt. 3, Drool Grit Pt. 5, The Three Compadres Pt. 4, McBain, Scene 5: Undercover Showdown, Flanders’ Dual-Colored Dreamcoat Pt. 5, A Holiday Hymn Pt. 5, How Mr. Simpson Stole Christmas Pt. 7, The Cost of Doing Business Pt. 5, The Once and Future King Pt. 5, Positive Reinforcement Pt. 5, The Twin Moguls of Ned Flanders Pt. 5, Baby Back Ribs Pt. 5, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Pt. 8, The Princess Nerd Pt. 8, Special Helper Pt. 6, The Italian Granadessance Pt. 3, Apocalypse Now Again Pt. 3, Baton Fu Pt. 4, Lugashsthetics Pt. 4 and Cool Intentions Pt. 6 now yield $200 and 20 XP.

Completing Dark Humor, A Rail of One City Pt. 9 and Loads of Codes now yield $2500 and 250 XP.

Completing The Prodigal Skinner Pt. 2, Springfield Heights Pt. 14, Lodge a Complaint Pt. 9, Real Estate Mogul Pt. 5, Republic of Condo Pt. 3, Above the Clouds of Springfield Pt. 5, Show Vroom Pt. 5, Getting Classy Pt. 5 and Cubical Dream Pt. 5 now yield $3.000 and 300 XP.

Completing Bread and Putter Pt. 5 and Egoin Crazy Pt. 5 now yield $3.500 and 300 XP.

Completing High School Low Pt. 11, Springfield Confidential, House Always Wins Pt. 5, Up in Smoke Pt. 11 and World’s Largest Redwood Pt. 10 now yield $4.000 and 400 XP.

Completing Running with the Bullies Pt. 17 and Weekend Dad Pt. 16 now yield $4.500 and 450 XP.

Completing Snyder House Rules Pt. 4 and A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 16 now yield $5.000 and 500 XP.

Completing Chocolate Pain Pt. 16 now yields $5.500 and 550 XP.

Completing Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 9 now yields $6.000 and 600 XP.

Completing Maximum Itchyload now yields $6.500 and 650 XP.

Completing The Way I Wish We Was Pt. 9 now yields $8.000 and 800 XP.

Completing Easy A Pooniversity Pt. 7 now yields $9.000 and 900 XP.

Completing The Cost of Living Pt. 7 now yields $9.500 and 950 XP.

Completing Smells Like Mean Spirits Pt. 9 now yields $10.000 and 1.000 XP.

Completing Baking Bread Pt. 10 now yields $11.000 and 1.100 XP.

Completing The Real Investorettes Pt. 4, Stunt Force Trauma Pt. 5, The Price of Donuts Pt. 13, Frankie the Politician Pt. 10, Girl Next Cell Over, Dora the Endorser Pt. 7, Higher Class of Politics Pt. 7, The Ungrateful Dead Pt. 7 (if Walk-In Therapy Stand is bought), Old Gray Marriage Pt. 7, Googolplex Grand Opening and A Woman’s Work Pt. 7 now yield $12.500 and 1.250 XP.

Completing Bloatation Device now yields 750 XP.

Completing The Usual Suspect Pt. 7 now yields 20 XP.

Completing Military Antiques Pt. 9 now yields 300 XP.

Completing Lights Camera Distraction Pt. 6 now yields 20 XP.

Completing The Princess and the Pea Brain Pt. 10 now yields 1400 Krustyland Tickets and 700 XP.

Completing The Krustyest Place on Earth Pt. 41 now yields 600 Krustyland Tickets and 300 XP.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


14 thoughts on “What Changed With the Destination Springfield Update? (January 31st)

  1. I bought Sailor Kumiko on first day of the event but Dispirited Away Pt. 1 never triggered. How could I do?
    (I already had Kumiko and I already did her normal quests)

    This two tasks too does not trigger (I can find them as normal works):
    Exchange Welfare Checks for SkyCredits (Mrs. Muntz, 1h, Reward Center)
    Stock Town Maps (Marge, 2h, Tourist Information Center)


    1. you tried storing and placing her back?


      1. Yes. Still no Sailor Kumiko quest.


        1. try contacting ea with the istructions in our link under the banner


  2. Anyone have an idea when Lard Lad (in the wheelchair) The Parson and The Wiccans are going to be coded so that they can follow everyone to do a collective town job? It’s been a long while since i have been able to send EVERYONE to do a thing. I love doing that.


  3. brianqlehmann 02/01/2017 — 16:58

    After the update, my Bonus Percent dropped by 2.25%. I don’t think I stored anything – do you know if a bonus percent was reduced as part of the update? Takeout Box or Dragon Bundle maybe?


      1. brianqlehmann 02/01/2017 — 17:14

        I guess I must have stored something accidentally? Nothing to be done except look through the hundreds of items in storage. Grr…


  4. Lesley cope 02/01/2017 — 09:52

    What’s the little ticket with a plane on the right of the 3 in your your star ratings box.I can see what to do with the pins and the sky miles and how to get them but can’t figure out the last one.tia x


    1. you need a ticket to fly in the SF airport. one spawns every 2 minutes.


      1. How many can you have at once? Do we need to stagger our people going on flights so we don’t spend donuts on tickets?


  5. Holy moly how long did that take to type out? Appreciate all you do but I’m sure we’re all fine with skipping such details if it saves you a ton of work ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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