Football 2017 has started and New items in the store for Destination Springfield!

The Football 2017 update has started, releasing two new items, the Football Field with Cleatus, and the return of many items from Tap Ball and Springfield Games: Football Field w/Cleatus, Gym Locker Mystery Box, Tailgate, Football Nelson, Duff Barney Blimp, Duff Party Bus, Stadium Entrance, Homertron, Single Bleachers, Double Bleachers, Triple Bleachers, Stadium Lights, Football Target, Football Uprights, Football Field and Stadium Fence. Login now to play!
Now also available in the store: Hot Springs, Tropical Island, and the new Le Krusty Burger and Le Krusty Burger w/French Waiter!


11 thoughts on “Football 2017 has started and New items in the store for Destination Springfield!

  1. I miss the I believe the addition to the SPRINGFIELD Airport. I don’t know the name but it may have been the loading dock. Where can I find this building.


  2. The Football event has started for me, I took several steps into the questline before noticing that the “Tailgate-gate” task was still in my taskbook. The task in it (Get Claetus and place Football Field) was marked “Done!”.

    In an attempt to fix it, I put the field into storage, the task was 0/1 again, I placed the field and it was back to “Done! 1/1”, but wouldn’t go away.

    Then I put the field and Claetus into storage. Now he’s gone, nowhere to be found in inventory.

    Take care if you have the same stuck task problem!


    1. Okay, Claetus is not yet categorized so that he can’t be found in the categorized inventory. He’s close to the end of the top-level inventory.


      1. Hi Marc. Same this happened to me… What do you mean by top-level inventory? :S


        1. The full inventory instead of the arrow menu with sections


          1. Cheers, I looked there as well, searched through every category and couldn’t find him.


  3. Does the Le Krusty Burger have a bouns or earn money


    1. buildings don’t have bonuses. it earns 90$ 9 XP every 2 hours


  4. Tapatapatapa 02/02/2017 — 09:38

    I had some trouble sending Springfieldians on flights.
    Death had his scythe confiscated, Gabbo had to buy a seat as he wouldn’t go in overhead storage, and Manjula was cuffed and interrogated for 6 hours under suspicion of being a muslim.

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    1. the Cat lady was refused as well, wouldnt put the kitties in the travel cages.
      Homer cant go either, since he refuses to give up his Note 7.

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      1. Tapatapatapa 02/03/2017 — 00:30

        I think Cat Lady might be a iguana smuggler too.
        Homer couldn’t get two seats (for the twins) either.


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