Destination Springfield: Norbert’s Adventure Tasks

New daily challenges were introduced with this events, Norbert’s Adventure Tasks, and involve sending Springfielders around the world with Springfield Airport. Join us right after the jump for the details on this new fun task!

After starting Around the World Pt. 4, Norbert will popup in our town and send us some new tasks:


By sending Springfielders to the Springfield Airport, you can now unlock some neat prizes.


Norbert will give you hints on the screen with his dialogue, but pretty vague. Using the tasks screen you’ll get all the details.

To get all the hints in advance, check out the table we made in WikiSimpsons, with all the tasks and all the locations for every day. Click on it to zoom in!


You must then send the people on the correct airplane, by selecting the correct destination, there is only one and it’s pretty easy to spot them once you know the continent. To send people you’ll need Plane Tickets. One generates automatically every 20 minutes.


You can then win a prize in the lost luggage mystery box.


In Act 1, after completing 7 days, The Mysterious Globe Pt. 1 completes, unlocking The Mysterious Globe Pt. 2 which asks to Unlock and Place the Globe. Upon completing another day, you’ll unlock the Globe.

In Act 2, after completing 7 days, The Endangered Plane Pt. 1 completes, unlocking The Endangered Plane Pt. 2 which asks to Unlock the Black Leather Plane. Upon completing another day, you’ll unlock the Black Leather Plane.

In Act 3, after completing 7 days, Norbert Van Wow-ton Pt. 1 completes, unlocking Norbert Van Wow-ton Pt. 2 which asks to Unlock Norbert’s Plane. Upon completing another day, you’ll unlock Norbert’s Plane with Norbert.

After completing 8 days, you’ll earn only SkyCredits as prizes till the act ends. In Act 2, the Plane becomes one of the possible prizes.

image name unlock
750-frapins750-jappins750-brapins sidebar_aroundtheworld_francepinsidebar_aroundtheworld_japanpinsidebar_aroundtheworld_brazilpin500 Task 1 Prize
 500-frapins500-jappins500-brapins sidebar_aroundtheworld_francepinsidebar_aroundtheworld_japanpinsidebar_aroundtheworld_brazilpin750 Task 2 Prize
 ll-frall-japll-bra sidebar_aroundtheworld_francepinsidebar_aroundtheworld_japanpinsidebar_aroundtheworld_brazilpin250
Lost Luggage
Mystery Box
Task 3 Prize
runwaypiece01_menu Runway Straight Days 1-7 Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize
runwaypiece02_menu Runway Corner Days 1-7 Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize
terminal_menu Terminal Days 1-7 Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize
hangar_menu Hangar Days 1-7 Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize
ico_cur_aroundtheworld_freelandtoken_lg Free Land Ticket Act 1 and 2
Days 1-7 Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize
plane_menu Plane Act 2 and 3
Days 1-7 Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize
globe_menu Globe Act 1
Day 8 Prize
blackleatherplane_menu Black Leather Plane Act 2
Day 8 Prize
norbertsplane_menu Norbert’s Plane Act 3
Day 8 Prize
150-skycredits sidebar_aroundtheworld_skycredit150 Day 9-12 Possible
Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize
250-skycredits sidebar_aroundtheworld_skycredit250 Day 9-12 Possible
Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize
750-skycredits sidebar_aroundtheworld_skycredit750 Day 9-12 Possible
Lost Luggage
Mystery Box Prize

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


21 thoughts on “Destination Springfield: Norbert’s Adventure Tasks

  1. Laurie Crawford 03/04/2017 — 03:05

    I don’t know what I did wrong, but I did not get the Globe or Black Leather plane. What characters were needed? Were these items from quest dialogue? I can’t find them anywhere in inventory.


    1. You nedded to complete 8 days of norbert’s tasks each act


  2. Am I the only one who has this problem? Since Act2 started Norbert won’t give me choices anymore. All I see is the correct location and I can’t send several characters out anymore to earn additional pins either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. do you have all characters free?


    1. probably it was thanks to the daily challenge giving me 3 more


  3. How do I earn tickets?


    1. you’ve to wait 20 minutes each with the game open it seems


  4. Mr Snrub Jr 02/05/2017 — 02:57

    Are we guaranteed to get all of the Lost Luggage items (7) you list above, or is this like the dreaded Easter/Valentine’s Wheel or Christmas Boxes that can give you multiples of one item but the odds are low to get one each of all 7 items?

    If we complete all 7 daily challenges successfully but don’t get all of each of the listed prizes in act 1 will the ones we didn’t get roll over into act 2?

    Thank you so much for your always very helpful posts. Your efforts to keep us informed are super.


    1. Mr Snrub Jr 02/05/2017 — 03:01

      Oops, sorry – instead of saying “all 7 items” I should have said straight runway, curved runway, baggage terminal, plane hangar, and land tile. Was the white plane an option in act 1? I did not see it as a prize.


      1. different prizes are available as the task continues


      2. it’s a prize that’s available in the next acts if it’s not


      1. Mr Snrub Jr 02/05/2017 — 20:08

        Thank you so much LPN!


  5. Tapatapatapa 02/05/2017 — 01:48

    Notice planes have clear tarmac, except Norberts. Maybe these planes can be placed over our grey tarmac pieces?…or maybe it’s just that graphic.


  6. I need a bit of help. I have a quest to make vicious monkeys steal refreshments but can’t do it. What do I need to have to complete this quest? As always thanks for the info and help!


    1. uh? the vicious monkeys are not available yet..


      1. My game has been hacked before. I had items that disappeared and had my town rearranged. Contacted ea they tried to get me back to were I said I was but had to fix up my town. It’s still all screwed up it looked like it was blown up and turned upside down. I change it but it is changed when I go back. Started a new town with new pasdword


  7. Delighted with all the new land and water made available! I’ve been extending the monorail around our growing town – what we need now is some more monorail terminals – I really need one at the new airport. Any chance we could have the opportunity to buy more fire hydrants?


    1. we’ll probably do if they re-release the fire department


  8. Richard Everson 02/04/2017 — 20:49


    The reset time for tickets seems to change,
    I’ve seen three different times in the last 24hours
    And 20mins..


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