Destination Springfield, Football 2017 and Valentine’s 2017: All the Event Returning Items and Prices

Items are returning from the previous events and some are offered in bundles: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all of them!
Store update: The last 24 hours for Football 2017, Football Field w/Cleatus, Gym Locker Mystery Box, Tailgate, Football Nelson, Duff-Barney Blimp, Duff Party Bus, Stadium Entrance, Homertron, Single Bleachers, Double Bleachers, Triple Bleachers, Stadium Lights, Football Target, Football Uprights, Football Field and Stadium Fence are here!


Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs


We’ve divided each category into the nation the item are from.

image name cost
Springfield Characters
unlock_furiousd Furious D Unlock
Furious D
Jockey Bart
(Football 2017)
unlock_brandine Brandine_Unlock
Possible prize in the
Date Box
(Valentine’s 2017)
unlock_birthday tapped_out_birthday_new_character
Birth Another Spuckler
(Valentine’s 2017)
unlock_dubya tapped_out_dubya_spuckler_new_character
Birth Another Spuckler
(Valentine’s 2017)
unlock_whitney tapped_out_whitney_spuckler_new_character
Birth Another Spuckler
(Valentine’s 2017)
unlock_shauna Tapped_Out_Shauna_New_Character
Possible prize in the
Date Box
(Valentine’s 2017)
Japan Characters
unlock_kumiko tapped_out_unlock_kumiko
Italy Characters
unlock_francesca Tapped Out Francesca Terwilliger Unlock
Francesca Terwilliger
Italian Villa
Germany Characters
unlock_becky Becky Unlock
Der Krazy Kraut
(Valentine’s 2017)
Springfield Buildings
springfieldfarmersmarket Springfield Farmers Market sidebar_donut70
labellefrottage_menu La Belle Frottage sidebar_donut185
bananadictatorship_menu Banana Dictatorship sidebar_donut30
stadiumentrance_menu Stadium Entrance sidebar_donut20
Upupandbuffet Up, Up and Buffet! Possible prize in the
Date Box
(Valentine’s 2017)
PhineasQButterfat's Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Possible prize in the
Date Box
(Valentine’s 2017)
HowardsFlowers Howard’s Flowers Possible prize in the
Date Box
(Valentine’s 2017)
sheshelounge_transimage She-She Lounge sidebar_donut60
(Valentine’s 2017)
Italy Building
italianvilla Italian Villa sidebar_donut150
United Kingdom Building
bigdigiben_menu Big Digi-Ben sidebar_donut115
China Building
acrobatictheater_menu Chinese Acrobatic Theatre sidebar_donut80
Mexico Building
banditfort_menu Bandit Fort Mexican Bundle
Germany Building
derkrazykraut_menu Der Krazy Kraut Possible prize in the
Date Box
(Valentine’s 2017)
Land of Chocolate Building
landofchocolateshop_menu Chocolate Shoppe Large and In
Charge Pt. 5
(Valentine’s 2017)
Springfeld Building Skin
valentines_cooling_towers Valentine’s
Cooling Towers
Springfeld Decorations
crazyplane_menu Crazy Plane sidebar_donut65
lifesizedsprucemoose_menu Life-Sized
Spruce Moose
 White Spotlight White Spotlight cash4.000
Cycling Spotlight Cycling Spotlight sidebar_donut5
Multi-colored Spotlight Multi-colored Spotlight sidebar_donut10
 attackhelicopter_menu Attack Helicopter sidebar_donut50
 TailgateC Tailgate sidebar_donut200
(Football 2017)
 footballuprightshome_menu Football Uprights sidebar_donut50
(Football 2017)
stadiumfencene Stadium Fence cash1.000
(Football 2017)
stadiumbleachers01front Single Bleachers sidebar_donut5
(Football 2017)
stadiumbleachers02front Double Bleachers sidebar_donut10
(Football 2017)
stadiumbleachers03front Triple Bleachers sidebar_donut20
(Football 2017)
 footballtargetbigtire_menu Football Tire Target sidebar_donut35
(Football 2017)
barneyduffblimp_transimage Duff-Barney Blimp sidebar_donut70
(Football 2017)
Duffpartybusflipped_transimage Duff Party Bus sidebar_donut45
(Football 2017)
homertron Homertron sidebar_donut20
(Football 2017)
stadiumlightsfront_menu Stadium Lights sidebar_donut5
(Football 2017)
 Valentinestree Valentine’s Tree cash760
(Valentine’s 2017)
Tapped_Out_Cozy_Hammock Cozy Hammock sidebar_donut40
(Valentine’s 2017)
 I Choo-Choose You Train I Choo-Choo Chose
You Train
(Valentine’s 2017)
 Tapped_Out_Cherub_Topiary Cherub Topiary cash3.500
(Valentine’s 2017)
Valentine's Pond Valentione’s Pond sidebar_donut30
(Valentine’s 2017)
Cherubbirdbath Cherub Bird Bath sidebar_donut10
(Valentine’s 2017)
 lovelyballoons Valentine’s Balloons sidebar_donut5
(Valentine’s 2017)
20 Lovely Fences Lovely Fence [x20] Bundle of Love
(Valentine’s 2017)
2 Lovely Gazebos Lovely Gazebo [x2] Bundle of Love
(Valentine’s 2017)
 1 Fountain of Love Fountain of Love Bundle of Love
(Valentine’s 2017)
lovelylamppost Lovely Lampost [x5] Bundle of Love
(Valentine’s 2017)
lovelybench_menu Love Bench [x5] Bundle of Love
(Valentine’s 2017)
sirlovealot Sir Love-A-Lot sidebar_donut20
(Valentine’s 2017)
Japan Decorations
Mr_Sparkle_Billboard Mr. Sparkle Billboard sidebar_donut30
threeeyedsushi_menu Three-Eyed Sushi sidebar_donut20
Brazil Decorations
christredeemer_menu Cristo of Springfield sidebar_donut75
Texas Decorations
hotsprings_menu Hot Springs sidebar_donut45
woodenbarrels03 Wooden Barrels sidebar_donut30
French Polynesia Decorations
Tropical Island Tropical Island sidebar_donut50
China Decorations
chinesesailboat_transimage Chinese Junk sidebar_donut75
gianttakeoutbox Giant Takeout Box sidebar_donut50
greatwalltowermaster_menu Great Wall Tower
Great Wall bundle
greatwalltower_menu Great Wall Tower cash10.000
greatwallpiece01 Great Wall Section
greatwallpiece02 Great Wall Section
yellowdragon_menu Yellow Dragon Dragon Bundle
reddragon_menu Red Dragon Dragon Bundle
whitedragon_menu White Dragon Dragon Bundle
Mexico Decorations
cactusrock01  Cactus Rock  Mexican Bundle
cactusrock02  Cactus Rock  Mexican Bundle
cactusrock03  Cactus Rock  Mexican Bundle
Cactus Patch Cactus Patch  Mexican Bundle
ico_stor_springfieldgames_mysterylocker Gym Locker Mystery Box sidebar_donut75
(Football 2017)
 ico_stor_single_datenightmysterybox Date Night
Mystery Box
(Valentine’s 2017)
mexican-bundle Mexican Bundle sidebar_donut200
great-wall Great Wall sidebar_donut60
dragon-bundle Dragon Bundle sidebar_donut100
ico_stor_single_atw_flagbundle Country Flag Bundle sidebar_donut50
(Football 2017)
Bundle of Love Bundle of Love sidebar_donut50
(Valentine’s 2017)

Consumables possible content:

Gym Locker Mystery Box: Jockey Bart w/Furious D, Tennis Marge, Ballet Ralph, Kung Fu Comic Book Guy, Toreador Grampa

Date Night Mystery Box: Powers House w/Laura Powers, Der Krazy Kraut w/Becky, Up, Up and Buffet, Phineas Q. Butterfats, Aztec Theatre, Howard Flowers, Brandine, Shauna

Bundles content:

Mexican Bundle: Bandit Fort, 2 Cactus Rocks of each type and 2 Cactus Patches

Great Wall: Great Wall Tower (main), Great Wall Section (horizontal) and Great Wall Section (vertical)

Dragon Bundle: Yellow Dragon, Red Dragon and White Dragon

Bundle of Love: Fountain of Love, 2 Lovely Gazebos, 5 Love Bench, 5 Lovely Lampost and 20 Lovely Fences

Country Flag Bundle: Includes 30 Country Flags

Australia Flag, Brazil Flag, Cameroon Flag, Canada Flag, China Flag, Colombia Flag, Costa Rica Flag, Ecuador Flag, England Flag, France Flag, Germany Flag, Ireland Flag, Italy Flag, Ivory Coast Flag, Japan Flag, Mexico Flag, Netherlands Flag, New Zealand Flag, Nigeria Flag, Norway Flag, Russia Flag, Scotland Flag, South Korea Flag, Spain Flag, Sweden Flag, Switzerland Flag, Thailand Flag, United Kingdom Flag, United States Flag, Wales Flag

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


19 thoughts on “Destination Springfield, Football 2017 and Valentine’s 2017: All the Event Returning Items and Prices

  1. I’m confused. I have been keeping an eye diligently on premium buildings since destination Springfield began. I have yet to see the Spruce Moose or the Chinese Acrobatic Theatre. I see other neighbors have them. Was there a glitch that passed me by or something?!?


    1. These will be re-released items. Your neighbours probably got them during their original release, Feb-Mar 2016 Burns Casino event
      ChineseTeatre will be available again Feb 17th-24th 2017, SpruceMoose will be available again Feb 20th-27th 2017


      1. Ooooh ok. Didn’t know they were prior releases. thanks!


  2. I have a question about the Cactus Patch in the Mexican Bundle. Is this the Cactus Patch from the Terwillegar event with a sand-coloured background that cannot be placed on dirt or the Catcus Patch from the Wild West event with no background that can? And (whichever one it is) does it have a bonus % attached to it? Thanks 🙂


  3. Aafreen Inayat 02/06/2017 — 12:09

    I have a question. I’m already at the current Max Level i.e. Level 939. My Town bonus is already 300% plus

    The World Flag Bundle is a great ROI (Return On Investment), but I want to know if there is any point in me further increasing my Town %??

    I mean, I’m already maxed out level-wise & I already have a HUGE amount of cash …… Is there any extra advantage I can get, by further increasing my town bonus %??

    Please advise. Thanks


    1. other than fastening the XP to achieve bonus levels no


      1. Aafreen Inayat 02/06/2017 — 13:41

        Thanks Gio for the reply = ))

        Spending 50 bonuts at once (I’m a 100% FREEM-ium player) in order to get 50 bonuts over (time-consuming) 50 bonus levels doesn’t sound like a good decision to me …….. I’d rather use my bonuts to try my luck at the Valentine’s box & hope to get Shauna, Becky or Laura = ))


  4. Who will be the free character in the Valentines Day event?


  5. Hi, first up a massive thanks for all your great work here and on Simpsonswiki, really helps plan out these big events! Just a quick question about the Powers house, it’s in the list of possible prizes for the date box but it isn’t shown in the characters or buildings, will it be a possible prize? Cheers.


    1. it’s not shown there cause it’s part of the date box

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Any idea when the date box will hit store


      1. Thanks I really appreciate what you do on this site


      2. Any idea when the valantines day event will hit


        1. tomorrow with the date box then 8th with the update


          1. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow 🙂


  7. I have a lot of Valentine Day stuff in Krustyland. It looks so much better than in Springfield.


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