Destination Springfield and Valentine’s 2017: New and Leaving items in the store!

The Date Box for Valentine’s 2017 is now available in the store, giving you a chance to get Powers House w/Laura Powers, Der Krazy Kraut w/Becky, Up, Up and Buffet, Phineas Q. Butterfats, Aztec Theatre, Howard Flowers, Brandine or Shauna.
To access it, you need to move the event panel to the left by swiping it, and then you’ll see it. If you don’t see it, you’ve all the items!
Meanwhile for Destination Springfield, the Arc de Triomphe is now available in the store too! The last 24 hours for Pont Du Gard, Italian Villa w/Francesca Terwilliger and Big Digi-Ben are here!


15 thoughts on “Destination Springfield and Valentine’s 2017: New and Leaving items in the store!

  1. thanks, I finally found it in the “new” category


  2. I don’t have the valentines box & I don’t have becky.


    1. In the build menu, move the event panel to the left and you’ll see it


  3. Do the free land tokens have to be used while the event is in progress or are they valid long term?


  4. Do you know if there is a presidents day update this year. Id like to save the 90 donuts in the powers house, but im already saving 180 donuts for himeji castle. I know im already behind richard nixon??


    1. we’ve no idea yet but there usually is


  5. That heart box was a deal – had enough donuts stashed in my freemium game to pick up everything. So worth it! Three characters and finally my teen has access to his four hour task.


  6. Thanks LPN all you do. Also the rest of the team. The info is priceless and needed


  7. No Valentines date box for me ,I must already have everything ??!! 😳


    1. Same. 😦


  8. Do the buildings in the box that usually come with characters still come with the characters? Specifically the powers house and Der krazy kraut.


  9. The Arc de Triomph was a must buy for me. Kissing my girlfriend on top of it was so romantic for the both of us. (Hurried back to our hotel for the rest ❤️❤️❤️❤️)


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