Destination Springfield: Osaka Flu

The Osaka Flu has landed in our town and it’s infesting our tourists! Join us right after the jump for how to spread it and how to get to max level!

Visiting friend towns, you can get the Osaka Flu, it’ll spread on your town, with tourists getting infected (this gives you more Pins when being tapped).


The moment you get the flu is random and seems to not be affected by any particular action. You’ll recieve a message once it starts.


To get more points to level up, you need to tap on your buildings that have the nation pin on them (being the ones friends have tapped).

Tapping on other people’s buildings help spreading the flu, and gives you 5 Pins each.


Tapping on your own buildings gives you 1 SkyCredit.


If a new level is achieved, another flu cloud will go to your visitors (with another indicator on the bottom activating). Tapping the indicator on the screen will take you to either the cloud (if the icon is normal) or the ill tourist (if it’s glowing).


After a while another visitor will be infected. It’s currently unknown what reaching 100% spread will do. Tapping on a infected tourist will give you 14 Pins and 5 SkyCredits till you reach Level 5. Then they pay the regular 4 Pins and 2 SkyCredits.


The level up price is 100 buildings tapped for the first three, then 700 for the final one.

Level 1 to 2 – 100

Level 2 to 3 – 200

Level 3 to 4 – 300

Level 4 to 5 – 1.000

Once you reach max level, a message will appear saying “The Osaka Flu has been fully upgraded.”


The number doesn’t reset, that’s the total number you need to reach.


The infection has currently surpassed 100% and it didn’t trigger anything yet.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


16 thoughts on “Destination Springfield: Osaka Flu

  1. Denise Hart 02/20/2017 — 01:21

    I spent donuts on Sailor Kumiko, so I could earn extra pins, but since I bought her she’s no longer available to fly, and it’s been 3 days of me waiting. I’m angry I spent the donuts. She even has a task on the task bar to fly, Ann’s when I click “do it” , it takes me to my plane and she’s not an option. Frustrating


    1. that’s a weird glitch that sometimes happen 😦


  2. I’m on level 1 still and somehow my world is infected 101.73%!


  3. Blackbetty26 02/15/2017 — 04:38

    I’ve reached lvl 5 1000/1000. My question is what happens when u reach 100% infected?
    My map is in complete redness. I’m at 98.87%.
    I’m hoping my town folk don’t fall over from the flu….just saying. That be weird lol


  4. How does visiting other towns help? I get the points from when friends visit my town, but the screen says you can get the flu from visiting and infected friends. My count only goes up when I click on my buildings and my count doesn’t change when I go to friends. Is this right or am I missing something?


    1. visiting helps them. them visiting you helps you.


      1. Okay, thank you 😀


  5. Every time it lights up, I tap.. However, after several days, I’ve only achieved 3 points.. what am I doing wrong?


    1. you need to tap all buildings with the pins (except those that generate them)


  6. TheRealTiminator 02/07/2017 — 19:50

    I’m holding out hope that the reward for reaching flu level 5 or 100% infection will be the cloud of flu to keep permanently as an NPC.
    Or maybe it’ll stay on as some kind of minigame like the Insanity Pepper, Giant Turkey, SciFighter or Gnome in a Box.


  7. This is ridiculous. I have played all day and have got less than 1000 pins. How the hill am I supposed to get to 40,000 in 5 days. This event is the worst yet.


  8. I was hoping this was some kind of community prize. I’m still holding out hope that it has some kind of purpose!


  9. I haven’t been able to unlock the flu yet.I’ve tried tapping friends towns,going to krustyland & deleting/reinstalling..Any advice?Thanks!


  10. Is there any sort of prizes expected for hitting certain infect rates – if not, what then is the point?


    1. at the moment the only thing you get is other flu infecting your tourists


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