Destination Springfield and Valentine’s 2017: Valentine’s starts with New and returning items in the store!

The last 24 hours for Hot Springs, Tropical Island, Le Krusty Burger and Le Krusty Burger w/French Waiter are here. A new bundle is now here: The Hungry Hun w/Uter and Chocolate Chapel, while the Chocolate Chapel can be bought separately.
Meanwhile Valentine’s 2017 has started. New released item is Motherloving Sugar Co. w/Dia-Betty. Returning items are: Cherub Bird Bath, Cherub Topiary, Cozy Hammock, Valentine’s Balloons, Valentine’s Pond, Valentine’s Tree, Sir Love-A-Lot, I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train, Bundle of Love (Fountain of Love, 2 Lovely Gazebos, 5 Love Bench, 5 Lovely Lampost and 20 Lovely Fences), Valentine’s Cooling Towers and She-She Lounge.


5 thoughts on “Destination Springfield and Valentine’s 2017: Valentine’s starts with New and returning items in the store!

  1. Where do I find the addition to the SPRINGFIELD airport. Maybe called the Loading dock


    1. if you mean the terminal, it’s one of the lost luggage prizes


  2. I bought Uter as part of the promotion, and running through the tasks.

    However I got a message appearing after You Got Your Schokolade in My Erdnussbutter Pt. 5. It was not a walkthrough message, but a game message. Somehow I managed to tap and removed the message before I had the opportunity to read it. doh.

    If anybody has bought Uter like I did, can anybody tell me what game message was displayed?


  3. No Rose Bush growing at Cletus’ farm this year?


    1. seems like they screwed up somewhere it should be active


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