Valentine’s 2017: Walkthrough

Valentine’s 2017 has arrived and brings us just a simple questline and a premium one with Gil tagging along. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough!

On February 8th, a small introductionary questline starts, to introduce us to the Valentine’s items sell.

Valentine’s Day Dialogue

Auto starts on February 8th

Apu: Ah, Valentine’s Day. My favorite American holiday of the year.
Marge: Ooh, I’ve never met a romantic Kwik-E-Mart manager.
Apu: And you haven’t now. I just enjoy overcharging husbands trying to buy last-minute boxes of chocolate for their wives.
Apu: I’m doing so well I’ve completely run out of candy.
Gil: Perhaps I can be of assistance?

On the 13th, another small quest starts to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Auto starts on February 13th

Marge: It’s Valentine’s Day once again.
Luann: And you men better not be forgetting to get us cards and flowers.
Homer: But aren’t Valentine’s Day gifts just a way for husbands to apologize for being so thoughtless the rest of the year?
Kirk: Wouldn’t it be better if we men worked hard on our marital issues, instead of wasting time on silly meaningless gifts?
Luann: Yes. But since that’s never gonna happen, hand over the goodies.

Task: Place a Romantic Decoration

Gill will also appear on February 8th, with a deal for Dia-Betty!

Dia-Betty Gil Promo

Gil starts

Gil: Ol’ Gil has connections in the candy industry.
Gil: I worked in the sugar factory production line, keeping that candy coming, right alongside a young lady called Betty.
Cletus: Sugar factory? You must mean my cousin, Dia-Betty!
Gil: Is she still a delicate filly, slender as a railing?
Cletus: Well, she’s eaten a few railings.


Offer accepted:
Cletus: Dia-Betty, the sugar factory where you used to work is back.
Dia-Betty: Do they still have an opening?
Cletus: Not one you can fit through.
Dia-Betty: Well, I’m a gal who always looks for the silver lining.
Dia-Betty: ‘Cause it reminds me of the foil wrapped around candy bars.

Offer declined:
Cletus: Guess we’ll be missing Dia-Betty this Valentine’s Day. And she’s not easy to miss!
Gil: Another disappointment! But I found a candy heart in a storm drain, so at least I’ll be eating dinner.

If you buy the deal, a questline for Dia-Betty starts!

Large and In Charge Pt. 1

Dia-Betty starts

Dia-Betty: Cletus, I’m turning over a new leaf. It’s time I got out of your guest house and found me a job.
Cletus: But if you want out of the guest house, I gots to tear down a wall!
Dia-Betty: So what? It’s made of straw.
Cletus: You think it’s easy building a house out of straw?
Cletus: Besides, the pig I hired to do it is long gone.

Task: Make Dia-Betty Work on Her Resume
Time: 4h
Location: Cletus’s Farm
Task: Make Cletus Tear Down a Wall
Time: 4h
Location: Cletus’s Farm

Large and In Charge Pt. 2

Apu starts

Apu: So, Dia-Betty, you would like to work at the Kwik-E-Mart?
Dia-Betty: I have a lot of experience. I’ve eaten everything you sell in here.
Apu: I must strongly recommend against that for your own safety!
Apu: But you’re hired. You work the register, I’m going to take inventory.
Apu: By which I mean play video games in the basement.

Task: Make Dia-Betty Work at the Kwik-E-Mart
Time: 4h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart
Task: Make Apu Play Video Games
Time: 4h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

Dia-Betty: Mr. Apu, I can’t work here any more. While you were downstairs, we were robbed!
Apu: How much did they get?
Dia-Betty: Nothing. When I’m behind the counter there’s no room to open the cash register.

Large and In Charge Pt. 3

Ned starts

Ned: So, Dia-Betty, you’re applying to be my babysitter. Do you have any experience with kids?
Dia-Betty: Absolutely! I have thirty-seven brothers and sisters, thirty-seven nieces and nephews, and thirty-seven uncles and aunts.
Dia-Betty: Although to be honest, it’s all the same thirty-seven people.
Ned: You’ll have to do. I have a job that cannot wait.

Task: Make Dia-Betty Babysit for Flanders
Time: 4h
Location: Flanders House
Task: Make Flanders Wax His Mustache
Time: 4h
Location: Flanders House

Large and In Charge Pt. 4

Dia-Betty starts

Dia-Betty: I can’t keep taking these temp jobs, Cletus. They don’t put food on my giant table.
Dia-Betty: Mebbe I should start my own business. But I’d need to borrow some money.
Cletus: I’d like to help, but I got my own problems.
Cletus: Remember the straw house I bought from that pig? Well, a dang-fool wolf came and blowed it down!
Cletus: And guess whose insurance doesn’t cover “acts of dog”?

Task: Make Dia-Betty Seek Business Opportunities
Time: 4h
Location: Cletus’s Farm
Task: Make Cletus Seek a New Contractor
Time: 4h
Location: Cletus’s Farm

Large and In Charge Pt. 5

Dia-Betty starts

Dia-Betty: Cletus, I bought me the perfect business: the Chocolate Shoppe!
Dia-Betty: I got a great deal ’cause the previous owner is in a sugar coma.
Cletus: And I found a feller who’ll build me a new guesthouse out of cheap, easy-to-find organic materials.

Build the Chocolate Shoppe
Note: Chocolate Shoppe is given for free in the store.
Task: Make Dia-Betty Move Into the Chocolate Shoppe
Time: 4h
Location: Chocolate Shoppe
Task: Reach Level 12 and Build Bart’s Treehouse
Task: Make Cletus Hire a Pig to Build a Stick House
Time: 4h
Location: Cletus’s Farm

Large and In Charge Pt. 6

Dia-Betty starts

Dia-Betty: Come in to my Shoppe, children, and try some tasty free samples!
Lisa: This isn’t a scam to get kids hooked on sugar, is it?
Bart: Hey, Dia-Betty is a great role model.
Lisa: Right. Because she’s a successful female businesswoman.
Bart: No, because she’s 300 pounds and lives in a building made of chocolate.

Task: Make Dia-Betty Sell Chocolate
Time: 1h
Location: Chocolate Shoppe or Motherloving Sugar Co.
Task: Make Children Eat Holes in the Wall [x2]
Time: 1h
Location: Chocolate Shoppe

On job start:
Suzanne the Witch: Look at all these charming, chubby children.
Suzanne the Witch: Listen, Dia-Betty, if you ever want to sell this place I will give you a *great* price.

Large and In Charge Pt. 7

Dia-Betty starts

Dia-Betty: Cletus, I need your help! My Chocolate Shoppe is going great, but now the mayor says I got to pay sales tax.
Cletus: Revenooers! I’ll chase ’em off with my squirrel rifle!
Cletus: But first I got to shoot that damn-fool wolf. Now he done blowed down my stick guesthouse!
Cletus: Tell you what, though, there are a surprising number of pig building contractors in this town.

Task: Make Dia-Betty Figger Taxes
Time: 1h
Location: Chocolate Shoppe
Task: Make Cletus Hire a Pig to Build a Brick House
Time: 1h
Location: Cletus’s Farm

Large and In Charge Pt. 8

Cletus starts

Quimby: Dia-Betty, this town is pro-business, and we are delighted to cancel your taxes for this year.
Quimby: This decision has nothing to do with the fact that your cousin, Cletus, shot me full of buckshot.
Cletus: Sorry ’bout that, Mr. Revenooer. I was in a bad mood.
Cletus: I found out them pigs and that wolf was all working together to rip me off!
Cletus: But if you’d like to come over for dinner, I can make it up to you.

Task: Make Dia-Betty Sell Chocolate
Time: 1h
Task: Make Springfielders Buy Diabetic Chocolate [x5]
Time: 1h
Location: Chocolate Shoppe
Task: Make Cletus Serve Pork-Wolf Stew
Time: 1h
Location: Cletus’s Farm

Dia-Betty Moonbounce

Auto starts

Dia-Betty: Moonbounce? Why, it looks as soft and pillowy as me.

Task: Bounce Dia-Betty

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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